EAA Chapter 952


Chapter 952 – Heading To The Xia Family Part 2

Yet, it was undeniable that once a power offended the Zi family, they would always disappear the next day. The Xia family might seem really powerful but truthfully, Xia Ming unquestionably wouldn’t dare to become an enemy of the Zi family.

“Impossible!” Xia Rui’s expression changed as he said, “When did I provoke the Young Madam of the Zi family? Moreover, I don’t even know who the Young Madam of the Zi family is. How could I have provoked her then?”

‘If I knew, I definitely wouldn’t dare to do such a matter no matter how much guts I may have…’

“You better think carefully whether you had really done it or not!” Xia Ming frowned slightly and with the coldness in his voice intensified, he continued, “If you really did such a mistake, you have to personally apologize to the Zi family. Don’t implicate the entire Xia family for this matter.”


Just when Xia Rui wanted to say further, he swallowed the rest of his words when he saw Xia Ming’s grim expression.

A woman was sitting quietly on a bed in a stuffy room. Her expression was cold. Yet, the room door was suddenly pushed open. Glacial killing intents surged forth from her body when she saw the middle-aged man that came walking toward her.

“Why have you come again?”

Yun Luo shot a glacial gaze at the man. She then said in a bone-piercing cold voice, “You won’t succeed in obtaining me even if you use my husband’s life to threaten me!”

Xia Ming sniggered when he looked at the girl’s impeccable face. “Yun Luo, you don’t have a choice in this. You can only choose to either marry me or watch Mu Yuan die before you! Don’t worry, our Xia family is an alchemist aristocratic family. If you become my wife and give birth to my offspring, I will then wake him up…”


Yun Luo’s expression changed drastically. With her gaze becoming increasingly colder, she said, “Xia Ming, you’re despicable!”

“That’s right, I’m indeed despicable. But there’s nothing you can do about that. That lord had promised me that once I pass him our newborn to him, he will bring me to another world. That world is the place where all martial practitioners dream to go. Haha!”

Xia Ming laughed brazenly as he continued, “When you rejected me about twenty years ago and chose to be with Mu Yuan, I swore at that time that I must torture you for this. I didn’t expect for such an opportunity to fall into my hands. I originally thought to lock the two of you up and torture both of you to death. But I didn’t know you would have such a use. For my future, I can only hope you…”

“Since so, Yun Luo, you can’t be counted as a good for nothing!” Xia Ming raised his head to look at Yun Luo. He had a cold and heartless smile on his handsome face.

‘Perhaps I did indeed love this woman when I was young. But all I got in return was humiliation. I would never forget that scene when this woman chose Mu Yuan over me…

‘All of my love for her gradually turned to hate as days passed. I no longer have the initial feelings for her anymore. All I want to do is to ruthlessly ruin these two people, making her regret choosing him over me…’

“Xia Ming, I swear I will never forgive you!”

Yun Luo yelled with all her might. Her gaze brimmed with fury and hatred.

That gaze penetrated Xia Ming’s heart, instantly igniting flames of fury in his heart. “Yun Luo, no matter if you are willing to submit to me or not, you must submit to me! Otherwise, you just have to wait to keep his corpse!”

He stopped looking at the girl that was sitting on the bed with a feeble expression upon tossing out those words, briskly walking out of the room…

When Xia Ming saw the two guards at the entrance of the room outside the room, he instructed with a cold gaze, “Nobody other than me is allowed to step within this room!”


The two of them respectfully replied to him.

Xia Ming swung his sleeves downwards, quickly disappearing from their sight…

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