EAA Chapter 951


Chapter 951 – Heading To The Xia Family Part 1

‘Even if he was to be spat on and cursed by ten thousand people and have a terrible reputation for ten thousand years, it will be nothing as compared to her?’

Shen Mo’s complexion turned gravely pale. His heart seemed to have been struck heavily by a hammer, making him gasp.

“Mu Er,” Ye Wu Chen looked at Mu Ru Yue and smiled as he continued, “We should be on our way.”



Mu Ru Yue chuckled a little but she no longer looked at Shen Mo’s gravely pale face. She shifted her gaze to Mu Zheng and informed, “Grandfather, Hao Tian, I will return once I rescued Mother and Father…”

“Elder sis!”

Mu Hao Tian leaped toward Mu Ru Yue. With a candid glow in his large, clear eyes, he said, “I will be waiting here for your return….”

Mu Ru Yue lowered her eyelashes slightly as she said calmly, “I already have a control over Xia Rui. You no longer need to worry Mother and Father’s situation will worsen if you were to make moves on the other power. Hence, you can eliminate those three power once I leave… I believe Xia Rui will come up with a really good reason to cover up for us.”

Mu Ru Yue smiled upon saying that. But her smile was ice-cold chilling.

“Come back as quickly as possible.”

Mu Zheng’s gaze softened a little as he looked benevolently at Mu Ru Yue and continued, “Hao Tian and I will be waiting at home for all of your return…”

Mu Ru Yue’s heart warmed when she looked at the elder’s benevolent elderly face. She gradually turned her body and said with a light smile, “Wu Chen, let’s depart…”

Ye Wu Chen smiled charmingly with his lips curved up to an alluring curve.

Following that, their figures slowly vanished under the sunlight…

Shen Mo’s tightly clenched fist trembled slightly as he watched their disappearing figures. Jealousy and resentment fueled in his heart.


Just when he was unable to stand it, a mighty force came toward him upfront, sending him flying backward and crashing heavily on the ground in a sorry state.

When Xia Rui just walked into Xia family’s America luxurious manor, a maidservant walked toward him.

When she was before him, she informed, “Young master, you’ve returned? The head leader is waiting for you in the study room.”

Xia Rui’s eyebrows furrowed tightly as he said gloomily, “I got it. You are dismissed.”

“Understood, young master!”

The maidservant slightly bent her knee before she gradually retreated, disappearing from before Xia Rui.

Xia Rui remained silent for a short while before he headed toward the study room…

The Xia family’s study room had an ancient Hua Xia’s classical atmosphere, filled with book scent. There currently was a man that had his hands behind his back standing within the study room. His well built figure was enveloped by the morning sunlight. He seemed to have felt someone behind him and turned around gradually.

His cold gaze landed on Xia Rui’s body when he said, “You’ve returned?”

Xia Rui paused slightly before replying, “Yes! Father, do you have any instructions for me?”

“I will be marrying Yun Luo in two days. I hope you will be well-prepared for it. On the other hand, have you recently offended people of the Zi family?”

“Zi family?” Xia Rui was a little stunned before he continued, “I don’t think I have offended people of the Zi family?”

“Is that so?” The middle-aged man frowned slightly as he continued in a cold tone, “People of the Zi family had been frequently appearing here during this period of time. More importantly, any people of the Xia family outside of the manor will be beaten up black and blue by the Zi family! They even said…”

Xia Ming (summer bright) looked coldly at the handsome man before him when he said each of his following words heavily, “They said you have provoked the young master of the Zi family. Furthermore, you were also delusional in trying to obtain the Young Madam of the Zi family!”

The Zi family had recently risen to power. Rumours had said that even if it was the Ancient Martial Sect, they still had to be respectful toward them. Yet, nobody knew where the Zi family was based nor did they know how much power the Zi family possessed…

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