EAA Chapter 942


Chapter 942 – Misunderstanding Part 8

Since Shen Mo didn’t attend the banquet and had just wedded, he didn’t have time to investigate information about other power. Thus, he didn’t know what had happened during the previous banquet…

“Shen Mo, what Elder brother Wu Chen said is right. He is Elder sister Xiao’s man. Do you think Elder sister Xiao will fancy you when there is such a man by her side? More importantly, Elder sister Xiao was able to make my grandfather breakthrough from the Xiantian High Rank to the Xiantian Full Circle Realm and continued to help him break through the Xiantian Full Circle Realm and the Mystic Realm to reach the Earth Realm. What qualification do you have for Elder sister Xiao to seduce you? Her eyesight isn’t that terrible.”


Shen Mo’s complexion turned gravely pale with his body shuddering.


‘She has the ability to make Mu Zheng breakthrough from the Xiantian High Rank to the Earth Realm?

‘How I wish that what I just heard wasn’t true at this instant…’

Shen Mo closed his eyes gradually. A trace of resolution flickered in his eyes when he opened them again. “But if it isn’t you guys, where will Chu Yun be then? She has been missing for a few days already. The people of the Shen family couldn’t find her no matter where they find. Only the Mu family have the ability and motive in kidnapping her! Mu Hao Tian, if you don’t reveal Chu Yun’s location, I will be breaking ties with you from now on!”

Mu Hao Tian sighed, lament. Perhaps the final hope he had for Shen Mo had vanished…

‘Currently, he had already been brainwashed by Chu Yun, tossing our years of relationship to the back of his mind.


Laughs soared through the sky and entered everyone’s ears when he was about to say something.

Mu Hao Tian was startled. He raised his head to look at the source of the waves of laughter. When he saw the man and woman heading toward them, his gaze darkened.

“Who allowed the two of you to come here?!”

Xia Rui smirked. But his smile was cold and ruthless.

“I heard Shen Mo had come here. Hence, I came here. Moreover, I have something to let you guys know…”

He glanced at Shen Mo’s gravely pale face when he said that.

Shen Mo’s gaze had changed from his initial startle to shock as his gaze landed on Chu Yun. “Chu Yun, why are you with Xia Rui of the Xia family?”

Chu Yun bit her lip hard, not daring to look at Shen Mo’s suspicious-filled gaze.

“Shen Mo, didn’t you know?” Xia Rui sniggered as he continued, “Chu Yun is my woman. She had also given her first to me. She was similarly in my bed making love to me during your bridal night. It is hilarious that you were kept in the dark while being cheated on.”


Shen Mo seemed to have been struck by lightning as he froze. He looked with disbelief at Chu Yun’s gravely pale face. He said in a hoarse voice, “Chu Yun, please tell me he is lying. I vividly remember seeing blood when I did you while I was drunk previously. How were you able to have your first with Xia Rui then?”

Chu Yun’s body shuddered. With a slight purse of her lips, she hesitated, “Shen Mo, I…”


Xia Rui snorted lightly while tightening his grip on Chu Yun’s arm. He shot a cold glance past her gravely pale face.

Chu Yun was so terrified by his glance that her entire body shivered. With a light coat of tears in her eyes, she confessed, “Shen Mo, I am sorry but what Xia Rui said was the truth…”

Shen Mo stumbled a couple steps backward and slowly closed his eyes.

‘So I had unknowingly been cheated upon. Moreover, the person she had cheated me with is the well-known player in the ancient martial world, Xia Rui…’

Hehe!” Shen Mo chuckled lightly as he said, “Chu Yun, I had just broken my ties with Mu Hao Tian for you. But this is your repay…”

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