EAA Chapter 941


Chapter 941 – Misunderstanding Part 7

“Mu Hao Tian!” Shen Mo clenched his fists tightly as he said furiously, “Do you know how much Chu Yun sorrowed and blamed herself after your elder sister’s death that year? She had always blamed herself for being unable to help your elder sister. But now, how can you treat her like that? You are more willing to believe in an outsider than believe in Chu Yun. Chu Yun has a closer relationship with us as compared to someone!”

Shen Mo glanced at Mu Ru Yue when he said that with coldness in his gaze.

In his point of view, the disappearance of Chu Yun must be related to this woman…

“Shut up!” Mu Hao Tian’s complexion turned ashen. With his feeble body shuddering under the sunlight, he said, “Shen Mo, the person that led to my elder sister’s death is Chu Yun!”



Shen Mo’s gaze darkened as he said, “From how I see it, only this woman have the motive in killing Mu Ru Yue. Chu Yun and Yue Er had such a close relationship. Hence, Chu Yun definitely wouldn’t be able to do such a thing!”

‘The reason why I accepted Chu Yun was due to her sincere feelings for Mu Ru Yue that moved me. Hence, I want to take good care of her…

‘All in all, I am not deeply in love with Chu Yun but I at least have some feelings for her.

‘No matter if it is her innocence or kind-heartedness, she had easily moved my tender heart…

‘How can a such a righteous and sensible girl be Mu Ru Yue’s killer?’

“Enough!” Mu Zheng’s complexion turned ashen as he looked coldly at Shen Mo and continued, “Mister Shen, this is my Mu family. Please return. My Mu family… does not welcome you!”

Shen Mo’s body shook as he clenched his fists so tightly that they trembled. He then suddenly raised his head and burst out laughing with his smile filled with mockery.

“Should I feel sad for Yue Er? One is her younger brother… Another is her grandfather. The killer that led to her death is right here. Yet, currently, the two of you is still siding with her even when she kidnapped Mu Ru Yue’s best friend. How sorrowful and angry she must be in the netherworld? You are unwilling to avenge her death, but I, Shen Mo, will. Otherwise, my feelings for her will be wasted!”

When Shen Mo’s gaze landed on Mu Ru Yue, intense flames of fury surged out from his body. “Chu Yun had said that if someone was to leak out her information, that person must be you. Following that, you must have purposely changed your appearance to hers in order to seduce me. It must be due to jealousy that you kidnapped my wife. I will never forgive you! I shall give you a warning to stop being delusional in trying to seduce me. I, Shen Mo, won’t like you no matter what you do!”

Shen Mo didn’t notice that the man beside Mu Ru Yue was emitting a sinister and cold aura at this moment.

Mu Hao Tian pulled Mu Zheng to move a couple steps back while looking at Shen Mo with sympathy.

‘Isn’t he seeking death in saying such words before Ye Wu Chen?’

“You said… she is seducing you and is being jealous of your wife?” Ye Wu Chen smiled, but his voice was drenched with sinister killing intents.

Since Shen Mo’s gaze had only been on Mu Hao Tian and Mu Ru Yue, it was only now that he noticed Ye Wu Chen that was standing at a side…

Shen Mo felt inferior the instant he saw the man’s appearance. It was as if any person that stood in front of this man was like a pile of mud, incomparable.

“Who are you?”

“Me?” Ye Wu Chen domineering embraced Mu Ru Yue and with arrogance in his purple eyes, he revealed, “I am her man!”


Shen Mo was stunned for a moment as though a clap of thunder had sounded above his head, a shock was expressed in his eyes.

‘This man is hers?’

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