EAA Chapter 940


Chapter 940– Misunderstanding Part 6

An unprecedented regret penetrated Chu Yun’s heart. Her complexion was gravely pale as she yelled with all her might, “Xia Rui, why are you treating me like this? You are a devil. You will die a terrible death!”


Xia Rui laughed as he replied, “I will drag Shen Mo and you to hell even if I were to meet a terrible end. Chu Yun, the two of you had ruined me so I will… similarly ruin you all. You want to spend the rest of your life with Shen Mo? Don’t you even think about it!”

Chu Yun’s legs gave way, sitting on the ground. She closed her eyes in despair with her eyelashes trembling.


‘How can I forget this man that always said he loves me actually loves himself the most? He does not have the slightest humanity in him. It’s laughable that I come looking for his help in order to deal with that woman…

‘Now, it is too late for regrets…’

“Elder sister Xiao, are you really planning on leaving?”

Mu Hao Tian pursed his lips outside the Mu family as he looked with reluctance at the girl standing before him.


Mu Ru Yue smiled a little as she rubbed Mu Hao Tian’s head and replied, “I will be making a trip to America with Wu Chen.”

“When will you be back?” Mu Hao Tian’s eyelashes trembled slightly as she looked expectantly at Mu Ru Yue.

“We will return once I settle everything that I need to do.”

Mu Ru Yue’s gaze became slightly serious.

‘I must head to the Xia family as soon as possible no matter what. I can only deal with those people once my parents are safe and sound…’

“I shall be waiting for your return then.”

Mu Hao Tian smiled.

His smile was as candid as sunlight entering people’s heart, warming Mu Ru Yue’s heart…

“My wife,” Ye Wu Chen extended his arm to pull Mu Ru Yue into his embrace. He then said pitifully, You had never treat me as gentle as him…”

“Wu Chen,” Mu Ru Yue glared at him as she continued, “Why are you jealous of a kid? Moreover…”

‘Moreover, Mu Hao Tian is my biological little brother.”

“Young Miss Xiao,” Mu Zheng smiled dignifiedly as he continued, “I will never forget your help to our Mu family even if you had done it on the behalf of my granddaughter. Hence, the Mu family will also be your home that you can always come back whenever you want…”

Mu Zheng’s gaze dazed as he looked at that familiar face.

‘It is as though my granddaughter that had died two years ago had appeared before me again…’

Mu Zheng’s heart ached when he thought about what happened two years ago, his gaze darkened.

Just as Mu Ru Yue wanted to say something, a voice was heard from behind him.

“Mu Hao Tian, where have you hidden Chu Yun?”

Mu Hao Tian frowned slightly as he heard that familiar voice. He raised his gaze to look at the man briskly walking over. The current man no longer looked as clean as usual. He looked exceptionally haggard.

“Shen Mo, you had come to the wrong place in finding her. Chu Yun isn’t here!’

Hmph!” Shen mo snorted coldly. With a cold gaze, he looked disappointedly at Mu Hao Tian as he said his following words heavily, “Mu Hao Tian, who other than you guys, will kidnap Chu Yun? Chu Yun is your elder sister’s best friend. You actually treat her in such a fashion for an outsider. You are letting down your elder sister that is in the netherworld!”

“You aren’t worthy in mentioning my elder sister!” Mu Hao Tian lowered his gaze as he continued, “You are no longer qualified to like my elder sister from the moment that you chose to believe Chu Yun! My Mu family doesn’t welcome you here!”

Shen Mo’s heart shuddered a little as he heard Mu Hao Tian’s words. The disappointment in his eyes intensified, looking in disbelief at the youth’s outstanding face…

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