EAA Chapter 939


Chapter 939  – Misunderstanding Part 5

“Scram inside here!”

Xia Rui’s gaze was slightly gloomy with an intense storm that seemed to be brewing in his eyes.

Chu Yun got a fright and wanted to run away. But once she thought about her purpose in coming here, she gathered her guts to walk into the room.

She called out carefully, “Rui…”



Xia Rui extended his arm to pull Chu Yun’s arm, tossing her onto the bed.

Chu Yun groaned a little from the pain of his rough handling. With a pitiful gaze, she asked, “Rui, what’s wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong?” Xia Rui sniggered as he tightened his grip on her arm as he yelled with an enraged expression, “You should have asked this question as to what’s wrong with me to your husband. He had crippled my family jewels. I will definitely not forgive him for that!”

An Aura burst forth from Xia Rui’s body when he said that vengefully.

“Shen Mo? That’s impossible!” Chu Yun’s expression changed drastically as she continued, “Why would Shen Mo do that? He doesn’t have a reason nor ability in doing so!”

Hmph!” Xia Rui snorted coldly as he rebuked, “If that’s the case, I had wronged Shen Mo? Chu Yun, isn’t this all because of you? The Shen family wouldn’t have dispatch experts if it wasn’t for you! What was unexpected to me is that the power of the Shen family is much more than I am aware of. I must place importance on the Shen family now!”

Chu Yun’s body jolted, astonishment slowly filled her eyes.

“Xia Rui, Shen Mo doesn’t even know about our affair. How could he…”

‘How could he do such a matter then? Moreover, with my understanding of the Shen family, they don’t have the might to match up with this devil!’

“Chu Yun, now that I can’t have sexual intercourse, I will similarly make Shen Mo suffer with me. You are to stay by my side from now on, unable to leave my side in the slightest! You are, more importantly, not permitted to head back to Shen Mo’s side. I will arrange for my subordinates to watch you so that you won’t be able to leave my side at all!”

Chu Yun finally had a taste of regret at this moment.

‘This man is a bonafide devil. Yet, I am dancing with this devil now…’

“No!” Xia Rui, you can’t do this. I’m already someone else’s wife. You can’t do this to me!” Chu Yun yelled out with a terrified gaze.

‘I don’t know what will happen if Shen Mo knows about my affair with Xia Rui…’


Xia Rui’s expression turned ashen as he strangled Chu Yun. The girl’s face flushed red at this instant. The suffocation feeling made her panic, constantly using her hand to hit Xia Rui.

‘Previously, perhaps I had liked Xia Rui. But now, I really want to spend the rest of my life with that man with a gentle temperament even if there is only that woman that had already died living in his heart.

‘But that man still treats me gently and respectfully. It is something Xia Rui will never do to me…

‘I mustn’t let Xia Rui ruin my happiness!’

“I certainly won’t let you return to his side. He had ruined me so I will make him carry green hairs 1. Moreover, this matter is all because of you so…”

Xia Rui narrowed his eyes and laughed cruelly as he continued, “Since I will never be able to carry out sexual intercourse, you will never be able to leave my side accompanying me for all my life and eternity!”

‘If I can’t obtain something, others can forget obtaining it. I will never let her be with Shen Mo even if it means imprisoning her for all her life and eternity!’


Xia Rui raised his hand and with a swing, he tossed Chu Yun off the bed. His voice was so cold and heartless, instantly making Chu Yun fall to hell with her entire body freezing cold.

“I will make my people watch over you. It will…. be futile for you in trying to escape this place!”

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  1. It means for Shen Mo to be cheated upon.

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  1. Chu Yan’s regret is too late. Who asked her to be so greedy that it has led to her own imprisonment?

    I cannot wait to see what’s next. Thank you for the update.

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