EAA Chapter 936


Chapter 936 – Misunderstanding Part 2

‘If something happened to Xia Rui here, the Xia family will definitely make a move on the Mu family! Thus, if it wasn’t for the safety of my parents in the Xia family’s hand, I… would definitely have killed Xia Rui now!”

Ye Wu Chen narrowed his gaze slightly. But the killing intents in his eyes didn’t decrease as it intensified instead…

Nonetheless, he controlled his impulse, not making a move on Xia Rui…

“Mister Xia, you can leave.” Mu Zheng’s gaze darkened as he coldly ordered.



Xia Rui laughed upon hearing that. With a sneer, he said, “Young Miss Xiao, I shall wait for you to come into my embrace! Although you can’t be the main wife of the Xia family with your status, I may consider for you to become my first lover.”

Xia Rui laughed brazenly upon tossing those words out, brisking walking and disappearing into the night…

Ye Wu Chen’s gaze increasingly darkened. With a slight frown, he looked at Mu Ru Yue and said just loud enough for only them to hear, “I want to kill him!”

‘If it wasn’t for Mu Ru Yue holding my hand, Xia Rui would have already become a corpse…’

Mu Ru Yue shook her head and replied, “Let him live for a while more. It won’t be too late in dealing with him once my parents are safe…”

Just as Ye Wu Chen wanted to say something, he swallowed his words once he looked at the side of the girl’s impeccable face. A sinister cold glint flickered past his pair of purple eyes, unknown as to what he was thinking…

“Mu family’s head leader,” Mu Ru Yue smiled and with a glow that shone past her eyes, she continued, “Is your current might at the Xiantian High Rank realm? I have a pill that can assist in helping you breakthrough to the Earth Realm.”

“Earth Realm?”

Mu Zheng was startled as he glanced curiously at Mu Ru Yue and asked, “I don’t know what the Earth Realm is…”

“Martial practitioner’s cultivations are separated into four realms, the Heaven, Earth, Mystic and Yellow realms respectively. Any cultivations below the Xiantian Full Circle Realm is under the Yellow Realm. Following that, it will be the Mystic, Earth, and Heaven realms. I have a pill that can directly allow you to break through to the Earth Realm…”


A bolt of lightning seemed to have struck Mu Zheng’s mind as he was subconsciously stupefied, unable to come back to his senses for a while…

‘Have I heard it wrong? Did this girl just say she could help me break through to the Earth Realm?

‘I can directly break through the Xiantian Full Circle Realm and Mystic Realm?’

Mu Zheng blinked his eyes as he clarified dazedly, “Was what you said previously the truth?”

“Won’t you know whether if it is fake or not once you try it?”

Mu Ru Yue smiled lightly with a light glow in her eyes.

A pill flew toward Mu Zheng while he was absent-minded. He hastily raised his hand to catch the pill.


He swallowed the pill…

Everyone swallowed their saliva at this moment, staring at Mu Zheng.

Mu Zheng’s grandeur gradually changed under the crowd’s gaze…

He had broken through the Xiantian High Rank to the Xiantian Full Circle Realm. He then continued to break through the Xiantian Full Circle Realm to reach the Mystic Realm. Lastly, he successfully broke through to the Earth Realm…

The crowd was stunned as they witnessed his changes. They were shocked speechless. Their gaze was as though they were looking at a ghost as they stared at Mu Zheng…

“Earth Realm! He had really broken through three ranks.”

“My heavens, that pill is really astonishing. It can’t be that I am dreaming, right?”

That person swallowed his saliva as he looked mouthwateringly at Mu Ru Yue…

“Lady Mu, do you still have that pill? May we all have a taste of it as well?”

Mu Ru Yue smirked as she looked at those expectant gazes and replied, “I don’t have…”

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