EAA Chapter 934


Chapter 934 – Ye Wu Chen Appears Part 9

The man’s current gaze made everyone at this scene stupefied.

Was this man really the previous Asura-like man? He seemed to have been switched by someone else…

“What do you want then?” Mu Ru Yue’s heart softened when she saw that expression of his but asked snappily.

“Warming bed!” Ye Wu Chen smirked as he blew air ambiguously at her ear and continued, “Of course, it is for me to warm your bed… To be specific, it will be a chance for solely me, as your husband, to warm my wife’s bed…”


Lin Shan had just come back to her senses. Her pair of eyes reddened from resentment upon seeing the lovey-dovey couple. She seemed to use almost all of her might to yell angrily, “She is just a slut that loves seducing other people’s husband! You aren’t seeing her true colours. You will definitely regret!”

Ye Wu Chen’s expression gradually turned grim as he shifted his head to look at Lin Shan’s gravely pale face. He then said sinisterly, “My wife’s eyesight won’t be that terrible. Do you think she will still fancy someone else while I live in this world?”

The crowd sneered at Lin Shan.

This girl was the brainless type of girl with big boobs that was used to being haughty. She currently couldn’t even analyze the current situation properly. No matter if it was appearance or power, this man was far more superior than Zhang Jun. Anyone with a pair of working eyes would be able to deduce that Mu Ru Yue wouldn’t abandon such an outstanding man to seduce Zhang Jun.

“Lin Shan, shut up!”

Zhang Jun was so embarrassed that he wanted to find a hole and hide in it. He was incredibly tempted to smack this woman dead.

‘Does she think this situation isn’t bad enough to be able to say words without thinking it through…’


When Ye Wu Chen raised his hand, a great power rose smashing mercilessly on Lin Shan’s chest.


Lin Shan spat out a mouthful of blood, her body flew backward.

“Lin Shan!”

Zhang Jun’s complexion became gravely pale as he saw the blood that looked as pretty as a rose expanding from Lin Shan’s chest. His heart slowly sunk.

‘Lin Shan will… definitely die with that move!

‘But I don’t dare to avenge her death as that man is too strong. He is so abnormally powerful. I don’t even have any guts to go against such a man…’

“Everyone, let’s go!”

Zhang Jun waved his hand as he gritted his teeth to hastily dash out of the Mu family, carrying Lin Shan along with him. He was in deep thoughts as to how to explain this to his father-in-law…

But he still decided to tell him the truth in the end!

‘If father-in-law wants to seek vengeance for Lin Shan, I will need to quickly leave the sect. Otherwise, I will be implicated…’

The crowd’s hearts rippled again while they looked at their departing figures.

It was really obvious this man didn’t know anything about Mu Ru Yue undergoing plastic surgery, judging by what they heard from their conversations. They had also known each other for more than ten years! This woman only seemed to be in her early twenties. How could she undergo plastic surgery when she was little and even changed her looks to match the Mu family’s eldest young mistress’s appearance then?

Hence, there was only a possibility.

The whole plastic surgery matter was just a farce!

Suddenly, everyone realized they only heard about the matter about plastic surgery from Chu Yun but failed to receive any confirmation from Mu Ru Yue. Young master Shen previously was greatly stirred up when he first saw Mu Ru Yue. Therefore, it wasn’t impossible for Chu Yun to lie in order to retain her husband…

The crowd disdained Chu Yun’s words and actions when that possibility seemed more and more convincing, looking at her with intense contempt.

It was a mystery how such a woman could become the Young Madam of the Shen family. This was completely tarnishing Young Master Shen’s noble status…

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  1. ROFL. Chu Yun just dug her grave deeper. Now people are going to talk her actions in bad mouthing Mu Rue Yue.

    I cannot wait to find out Shen Mo’s reaction. Perhaps he will still remain stupid to be hoodwinked by her.

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