EAA Chapter 933


Chapter 933  – Ye Wu Chen Appears Part 8

“Lin Shan!” Zhang Jun’s expression changed drastically as he hastily looked at ye Wu Chen and said, “This Mister, my wife isn’t intentionally offending you. May the Mister give me some face by forgiving her this once.”

‘Lin Shan is my wife no matter what. If something were to happen to her as the daughter of the head leader of the sect, I won’t be able to continue roaming in the ancient martial world…’

Ye Wu Chen raised his purple eyes and with a raise of his hand, a black storm was suddenly given birth. Lin Shan felt the blood in her body ran amok in her body.



She spat out a mouthful of blood.


Her blood exploded like a bomb from the palm of her hand before she could say further. A bloodmist formed from her body, carrying a sickening bloody odour.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

The severe pain and fear made Lin Shan scream, “Zhang Jun, save me!!”


Bang! Bang! Bang!

Lin Shan’s blood seemed to be uncontrollable, gradually expanding from her body. The power in her body started to strike her body horizontally, making her body to fly backward abruptly. Her entire evening dress was stained red in blood.

Everyone was stunned as they looked in horror at the handsome man with a sinister expression. Their fearful expressions were similar to as though they had seen a ghost.

Too terrifying!

This man seemed to be able to take lives like an Asura. He could kill someone with just the raise of his hand!

“She isn’t someone that can be casually discussed by anyone! Anyone that dares to say a single word of insult about her die!”


A tempest surrounded the man’s body. A violent storm seemed to be brewing in his sinister eyes. He looked like a austere Asura. He was so frightening that everyone in the hall didn’t dare to release even a sigh.

Mu Ru Yue glanced at Mu Zheng and Mu Hao Tian that were obviously scared by Ye Wu Chen. With a light raise of her brow, she gently grabbed onto the man’s hand. Mysteriously, the pressure rolling forth from the man’s body completely faded once he held the woman’s delicate and tender hand.

The entire hall recovered its initial tranquility. It seemed as if nothing had happened, excluding Lin Shan that had collapsed in her pool of blood.

“My wife,” Ye Wu Chen shifted his head to Mu Ru Yue and with a gentle and soft expression on his face, he asked, “What is plastic surgery?”

The crowd was stunned as they looked at Ye Wu Chen in shock.

Where did this fellow come from1 to unexpectedly not know what plastic surgery was…

“Plastic surgery is whereby girls that have a rather ugly appearance or had disfigured their faces undergo a procedure to change their face to a beautiful one. Of course, there are cases where a small minority of beautiful girls made their face look uglier. This could be called as a disguising technique when using an older term! But this is a disguising technique that would make it impossible to revert back to their original appearance!”

“Is my wife trying to make herself look uglier?” Ye Wu Chen raised his brow as he continued, “It isn’t a bad option. There won’t be so many men surrounding by your side in that case, stopping you from always attracting the opposite sex to you when you’re outside!”

“Ye Wu Chen!” Mu Ru Yue’s expression darkened as she said, “Are you saying that I attract men to me?”

“Isn’t that the case?” Ye Wu Chen smirked, embracing Mu Ru Yue. “Have you counted how many men you had provoked all these years from the moment we met each other for about a dozen years? There were Feng Jing Tian, Bai Ze, and now,  Bei Jun has appeared…”

He narrowed his purple eyes slightly. A dangerous glint flashed past his eyes before he asked gloomily, “Tell me… just how many men did you provoke?”

Mu Ru Yue’s face darkened even more. She glared ferociously at Ye Wu Chen as she rebuked, “Hadn’t you also provoked a lot of girls?”

“But I only have you as my wife by my side.”

Ye Wu Chen looked pitifully at Mu Ru Yue. His expression was as though he had been bullied.

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