EAA Chapter 932


Chapter 932 – Ye Wu Chen Appears Part 7

“A man?” Mu Zheng glanced at Mu Ru Yue before he continued indifferently, “Let him in.”


That person accepted his order and retreated.

The current commotion had already attracted everyone’s gaze, subconsciously discussing amongst themselves. They seemed to be guessing who was the man that came looking for her…


The hall instantly became pin-drop silent when the lean and slender figure entered. Everyone held their breath, unable to shift their gaze from that breathtaking sight…

The man was incredibly handsome. He was countless times much more outstanding as compared to idols. He had a charming smile on his face. This was especially so with his pair of purple eyes seemed to be able to easily charm people’s soul.

Lin Shan’s heart skipped a beat as she looked love-struck at Ye Wu Chen.

‘I’ve never seen such a handsome man in my life. It was so good looking that he didn’t seem mortal…’

“Wu Chen?”

Mu Ru Yue was stunned for a moment as she looked in shock at his handsome face. “How did you find this place?”

The man halted his steps. With a smirk and gaze brimmed with tender feelings, he replied, “I’ve come as I’ve heard you’re here…”

He had heard Mu Ru Yue mentioned of this world when they were in that continent. Hence, he had frequently paid attention to what happens at this place ever since he came to this place. Mu Ru Yue had recently appeared on the newspaper during Shen Mo’s wedding. Thus, Ye Wu Chen came here to find her…

“My wife.”

The man raised his hand to pull Mu Ru Yue into his embrace, pressing her head to him. With his smile getting increasingly charming, he said, “I’ve missed you so much…”

Mu Ru Yue’s body shuddered, gently closing her eyes.

She had relaxed her tensed up guard that she had put up these days in the man’s embrace. A lovely smile appeared on her impeccable face as she said, “Wu Chen, I finally managed to see you again…”

‘The heavens would know how worried and vexed I was internally after knowing his disappearance. If something were to happen to him, I probably won’t be able to forgive myself for all eternity…’  

The embracing couple looked so exceptional under the light. More importantly, it gave people a feeling that nothing could tear this couple apart…

Lin Shan’s expression changed.

‘I thought Zhang Jun was already really exceptional all along. But in comparison to this man, there is a heaven and earth disparity, unable to even be compared!

‘How can such a divinely handsome man be compatible with that woman?’

Hmph!” Lin Shan subconsciously snorted coldly upon thinking about that. “I have to say something to this Mister. There must be something wrong with your eyesight. This girl had not only undergone plastic surgery, she even wanted to seduce other people’s husband! Hence, it is better for you not to be deceived by her. A slutty woman like herself doesn’t qualify to stand by your side!”

The time where Ye Wu Chen came to Hua Xia was rather short so although he already understood how this world works, learning what he wanted to know, he didn’t understand what plastic surgery was.

In spite of that, he knew Lin Shan was insulting Mu Ru Yue!

He frowned, gradually releasing the woman in his embrace.

Just as Lin Shan thought Ye Wu Chen had listened to her advice, her eyes met with his pair of purple eyes…

Dark clouds covered densely in his pair of eyes. It was so cold that it could freeze a person’s body in an instant. An intense storm gradually rose from his body, seeming to be able to penetrate directly into a person’s soul…

Lin Shan’s complexion turned gravely pale with horror in her eyes.

‘This man seems to be able to imprison a person’s soul with just a glance. Not to mention resisting against him, I don’t even dare to move a muscle…’

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