EAA Chapter 930


Chapter 930 – Ye Wu Chen Appears Part 5

“What did you say?” Lin Shan’s expression changed greatly. Her expression became sinister as she said, “Bitch, who do you think you are? You are just an ordinary person. How dare you call me to scram? You are only trying to barge into my husband’s and my relationship to be his mistress. You are just a mistress. Yet, you dare to yell in my face as his wife. Is there still heaven’s law in this world anymore?”

Mu Ru Yue’s gaze became increasingly glacial as she smirked with slight mockery and rebuked, “My apologies but I don’t fancy your husband in the slightest. No matter if it is him or Shen Mo, they aren’t compatible with me! I shall give you an advice in just focusing on him instead. Not everyone is interested in him.”

Lin Shan snorted coldly as she mocked, “Just continue pretending! Do you think I don’t know how you ordinary people think? Since you’re here, you should know about our identity as ancient martial practitioners. This is a rare chance for you to make a connection with an ancient martial practitioner. I don’t believe that you won’t make use of such a chance! It is especially so for my husband to be such an outstanding man. Perhaps you will already strip yourself naked and sneak into his bed if it wasn’t that you fear me. Let me tell you this. You’re dreaming! I won’t let you seduce my husband as long as I, Lin Shan, lives!”

Rage suddenly surged forth from within Mu Ru Yue’s soul. Mu Ru Yue calmed Xiao Yue that was in the Alchemy Book down. She then raised her head to look at Lin Shan with the smile on her face gradually diminishing.


Traces of power slowly rose from her body at that instant. However, a voice with an angry tone was suddenly heard behind them when those power started to gather.

“Lin Shan, what are you doing?!”

Zhang Jun passed through the crowd to walk to Lin Shan’s side. He lowered his voice as he said, “Come with me!”

“I don’t want to!” Lin Shan freed her hand from Zhang Jun’s hand. She raised her head to look at Mu Ru Yue and said, “This girl tried to seduce you. She must apologize to me and swear she will never appear before you! She had infiltrated into the Mu family now. She may be wanting to use this banquet as a chance to seduce you!”

In Lin Shan’s point of view, any girl that neared them wanted to seduce her husband.

‘This is especially so when this woman had somehow appeared on the Long White Mountain and so coincidentally, she was picked up by Zhang Jun.

‘She must have an ulterior motive!

‘A woman like her mustn’t be up to any good!’


Zhang Jun slapped Lin Shan’s face and with his expression turned ashen, he yelled angrily, “Are you done? Don’t you feel you’re humiliating yourself? I want some face even if you don’t want! Immediately apologise to this lady!”

Lin Shan was smacked senseless. She held onto her cheek as she looked at Zhang Jun with bloodshot eyes and said, “You hit me and even want me to apologise to her?”

Zhang Jun snorted coldly. He shifted her head to look at Mu Ru Yue as he said with a guilt-ridden face, “This lady, please let me apologise on her behalf.”

“Zhang Jun!”

Lin Shan yelled out furiously as she glared at Mu Ru Yue with bloodshot eyes.

That gaze was as though she had personally seen her husband having an affair before her eyes…

“What’s going on here?”

An elderly voice was heard from behind them while the crowd was discussing among themselves.

Mu Zheng had walked slowly over being supported by Mu Hao Tian. With a stern expression on his face, he asked, “Who is it seeking trouble in my Mu family?”

Zhang Jun’s heart shuddered as he glared blamingly at Lin Shan.

‘If it was the past, perhaps they didn’t need to place any importance on the Mu family. However, three large power had come seeking trouble with the Mu family recently. Yet, they ran away in defeat in the end.

‘Even though those three power didn’t say anything, it was enough to make people be lost in thoughts.

‘The Mu family will unmistakably rise up!

‘Even if some people don’t believe in that, it is bound to happen. Those three large power was the best example…’

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  1. After reading 20 chapters in one go It dawned on me, MRY has 3 moms and 3 dads and also that ancient family might be the Zi family from senior yue world

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