EAA Chapter 929


Chapter 929 – Ye Wu Chen Appears Part 4

Mu Ru Yue poured herself a cup of tea in the living room. She then parted her lips to say, “Hao Tian, there’s something I need you to do for me.”

“What will that be?”

Mu Hao Tian was stunned for a moment as he looked puzzled at the girl’s flawless face.

“Invite every ancient martial practitioners to attend a banquet under the Mu family’s name!” Mu Ru Yue’s gaze became stern.


‘I have to make a trip to America’s Xia family shortly. I need to settle the matters at this side before I leave to be at ease…’

Mu Hao Tian pursed his lips but nodded slightly as he said, “Alright, I will do that!”

‘Even though he didn’t know what Mu Ru Yue was up to, he had great trust in the girl that refused to say her name.

That kind of trust was for like a blood-related family member, baffling him…

The Mu family was a family clan that had been eyed covetously by several power. Currently, it was being watched by several sects.

Today, the crowd heard the news that the Mu family was inviting ancient martial practitioners to their family, making everyone be in a haze of doubts and suspicions. They didn’t know what the Mu family was up to!

The modern technology in Hua Xia was much more superior as compared to the other continent. Hence, several people departed the day before the banquet. They were able to quickly reach the Mu family, using the advanced means of transport…

Currently, Mu Ru Yue was sitting quietly in a corner, absentmindedly holding her champagne. She was looking through the goblet, sizing up the crowd in the hall.

“It’s you?!”

Suddenly, a screechy shark voice disturbed the tranquility of the crowd. When Mu Ru Yue shifted her head to the source, an alluring face entered her eyes.

“Why are you here?” Lin Shan snorted coldly. She raised her head arrogantly as she said disdainfully, “How can a person such as yourself attend such an event! I really don’t know how you sneak into here!”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t say anything but just smiled a little.

“You…” Lin Shan was a little vexed when she saw Mu Ru Yue ignoring her, sizing Mu Ru Yue up.

She saw her wearing a simple casual wear with her hair let down. Her attire didn’t have any pearls. It was as though she didn’t need those accessories to enhance her beauty.

Lin Shan gritted her teeth with hatred as she looked at Mu Ru Yue’s impeccable face. She glared malevolently at Mu Ru Yue and said, “You are only a slut that only knows to seduce another person’s husband. Who allowed you to step into this place?”

The commotion at this place had already attracted several people’s gaze, instantly looking at their direcion. They started pointing fingers at Mu Ru Yue with mockery in their eyes.

“Isn’t she that woman that appeared at Mister Shen’s wedding day?”

“Tsk! Tsk! I heard that her beauty is artificial, purposely undergoing plastic surgery in order to have Mu Ru Yue’s appearance. Even though I had never seen Mu family’s Mu Ru Yue before, I heard that she had a matchless magnificent appearance. Did she think she can replace Mu Ru Yue by having her appearance?”

“It seems that she tried to seduce Zhang Jun, judging from what Lin Shan said. It looks like this woman is a slut that loves seducing other people’s husband!”

Lin Shan raised her head complacently. She then said arrogantly, “So this face is fake. It’s no wonder why it is so beautiful. Are you still trying to seduce Shen Mo? The Shen family is an aristocratic family. You should be clear of your reputation, a girl that goes around seducing other people’s husband. It seems that you are really addicted in being a mistress. Who will want a girl like yourself?”

Mu Ru Yue gradually placed her cup on the table, looking glacially at Lin Shan. With an intense cold glint in her eyes, she said, “Have you said enough? If you are done, scram!”

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