EAA Chapter 928


Chapter 928  – Ye Wu Chen Appears Part 3

“Mu Ru Yue?” Xia Rui raised his brow as he continued, “That woman is really an exceptional beauty and even an ice princess. I previously always wanted to have a taste of her body. It was a pity that she was too powerful, failing to make a move on her!”

‘There hasn’t been any woman that I had failed to obtain in this world. Even Chu Yun had given her first to me. It was only that girl I failed to obtain!’

“Since there’s a person that looks so similar to hers, I definitely won’t let such a chance slip away. I will have a taste of her body before killing her!”

“Xia Rui!” Chu Yun’s complexion turned gravely pale as she shrieked.


Xia Rui gradually shifted his head upon hearing her voice. His gaze became increasingly cold with a slight cold aura.

Chu Yun’s heart trembled when her eyes met with his eyes. She lowered her gaze and persuaded, “Xia Rui, her beauty isn’t natural.”

“I never ever care if their appearance are natural or artificial, I must get everything that I want to obtain in my hands!” Xia Rui sniggered.

“Rui!” Chu Yun bit her lips hard and with a gravely pale complexion, she continued, “Don’t you think you are being too heartless to me? You can do whatever you want with any woman but you are forbidden to be with her!”

Xia Rui’s gaze landed on her gravely pale face.

His next words were really gentle, but it was like a heavy hammer striking on Chu Yun’s heart.

“Chu Yun, you’ve already married Shen Mo. What qualifications do you have to be in charge of me?”


Chu Yun’s heart ached.

‘I still have feelings for this man after all. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have chosen to leave after being unable to tolerate him being a player…’  

“If it wasn’t that there were too many girls by your side, I wouldn’t have married him. You have never considered my feelings! Do you know how I feel every time when I see you in bed with other girls, making love to them?”

Chu Yun didn’t know where she got the courage to yell at him this time.

Xia Rui’s expression gradually became gloomy as he looked coldly at Chu Yun, “I am a man so I’ve my needs. It is really normal! Those women are just my venting tools! It should suffice that the person I love is you! I didn’t kill Shen Mo as I love you. But it didn’t represent that I will change myself for you! There isn’t anyone in this world that can make me change even if it is you!”

Chu Yun’s heart shuddered as she closed her eyes in her sorrow.

‘This man is a bonafide devil! He had ruined my life!’

The man entered her body roughly again when her heart chilled. The intense pain made tears roll out of Chu Yun’s eyes subconsciously but she could only bear with it…

“Chu Yun, I will help you kill those two people! But you have to remember you must come whenever I call you to from now on! As long as I need you, you must come rushing back to me. I don’t care if you’re making love to Shen Mo at that time! Otherwise, I will kill both of you!”

Chu Yun finally regretted at this instant.

‘I had managed to escape the grasps of this devil with so much difficulty that year. Yet, I had sent myself to the devil’s bed in order to kill that woman. I doubt it will be easy if I want to sever my ties with him again.

‘All of this is due to that damnable woman!

‘If it wasn’t for her, why would I be harassed by this devil again?

‘She… is the one that is the main culprit for my current plight!’

Chu Yun didn’t in the slightest find faults with herself at this moment. She just blamed everything on Mu Ru Yue, getting caught up with deeper grudges and hatred…

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      DOn’t worry my child~ Miki will always strike when you least expect it to happen! Muahaha! *Purposely say it in a creepy voice* wow~ that sounds so villain-like but this villain is loved 😛

  1. It’s always easier to blame someone else for your own greed. If she wasn’t greedy, she would have fallen into Xin Rui’s hands. Even after her marriage, she sent herself to warm his bed to get rid of Mu Ru Yue.

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