EAA Chapter 925


Chapter 925  – Various Power Came Knocking On The Door Part 8

“Chu Yun is your elder sister’s best friend. She will never let anyone sully Mu Ru Yue’s image just like me!”

Shem Mo’s expression was cold as he looked at Mu Hao Tian, displeased.

“Elder brother Shen, you will regret saying that!”

Mu Hao Tian’s expression changed.


‘My motive in coming here is letting Shen Mo see Elder sister Xiao. If he still cherished his feelings for Elder sister when he saw her appearance, he will certainly not continue marrying Chu Yun.

‘I don’t want Shen Mo to be my enemy after all!

‘But I didn’t expect him to trust Chu Yun to such an extent. He even refused in believing my words…’

“Do you know why my Elder sister dislikes you?” Mu Hao Tian chuckled as he smiled extremely candidly and continued, “It is due to you always liking to trust what you see but not using your heart to feel! You are clueless that the person by your side is like a wolf and tiger. Elder brother Shen, you had really let me down…”

Chu Yun’s complexion paled as she looked astonished at Mu Hao Tian.

‘He actually knew I was the one that led to Mu Ru Yue’s death. How could this be? He is the most innocent and gullible person within the Mu family. How did he know I have betrayed that woman?’

“What do you mean by that?” Shen Mo frowned as he asked, “What are you suspecting?”

“Elder brother Shen, there were only three people that knew about my Elder sister’s travel plan that year. Yet, how was it known by all, even setting up a trap for her beforehand? Did you really not suspect anything from that?”

The youth’s eyes were bright but it was giving off a glow that nobody could understand.

“Hao Tian, what are you saying?” Chu Yun’s complexion became increasingly pale. A layer of tears gradually coated her eyes as she said with disappointment and sorrow, “Are you suspecting me? I really didn’t expect you to suspect me! Do you really feel nothing for all I’ve done for the Mu family these two years? I had such a great relationship with your elder sister all these years. I’m willing to dig out my heart and lungs for her. How could I harm her? Hao Tian, your elder sister might have told another person but that person betrayed her. I will choose death without hesitation than be a person that betrays a friend!”

Mu Ru Yue couldn’t help but snigger upon looking at Chu Yun’s expression, filled with a spirit of loyalty and self-sacrifice. Her smile instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

“I know!” Chu Yun paused for a moment before looking at Mu Ru Yue, enraged. “You aren’t self-proclaiming yourself as Yue Er’s friend and had a really close relationship with her. She had even pleaded you to help the Mu family. She surely would have told you her travel plans. You must be the one that killed Yue Er, leading in me losing my best friend! She previously was blind in befriending a person like yourself!”

Currently, Chu Yun’s eyes were bloodshot red with a sorrowful expression. It was as though she was really grieving for Mu Ru Yue.

Flames of fury gradually accumulated in Shen Mo’s heart as he stared at Mu Ru Yue and declared with gritted teeth, “You are the one that killed my beloved woman? I, Shen Mo, hereby swear that I will never forgive you!”

Mu Hao Tian’s heart sunk at this instant. He then looked apologetically at Mu Ru Yue and said, “Elder sister Xiao, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have brought you here. Let’s go. This person… may be our enemy when we cross paths again!”


Mu Ru Yue smirked as she agreed casually.

“Hold it!”

Shen Mo’s expression had turned ashen as he clenched his fists so tightly that they cracked and said, “Hao Tian, do you really want to be with this woman? She may be your elder sister’s enemy that led to her death!”

Mu Hao Tian stopped walking and with his back facing Shen Mo, he replied, “I believe her and my feelings. On the other hand, I can never place my trust in some people…”


“Cuh yYnu si yuro drEle ess’rsti steb eidfrn. Seh llwi evrne tle oeynna ylusl uM uR ueY’s geaim usjt ikel me!”

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“lredE ehrbort hSen, you lliw rgrete igyasn thta!”

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‘yM mtvoei in ignmco reeh is tneglti Mo nSeh see ehr. fI eh tills ecesihrdh sih genliesf orf eldrE rtsies henw he wsa ttha ppcaaearne, eh iwll letacriny nto ioutcnne irganymr hCu Ynu.

Round 2 for the puzzle~ for those that missed the previous 😉

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  1. Shen Mo might have everything that’s why he is the most eligible bachelor but he certainly has zero for brains. It’s no surprise that Chu Yan can manipulate him so easily and he trust her so easily over Mu Hao Tian.

    Between Mu Hao Tian and Chu Yan, who has greater reason to find out the person who cause the death of Mu Ru Yue? Yet, Shen Mo’s stupidity let’s him believe Chu Yan’s words.

  2. Since our Miki-chan like to play with puzzle, let me entertain you for your amusement, cutie Miki. Here your answer ?:

    “Chu Yun is your elder’s sister best friend. She will never let annyone sully Mu Ru Yue’s image just like me!”

    Shen Mo’s expression was cold as he looked at Mu Hao Tian, displeased.

    “Elder brother Shen, you will regret saying that!”

    Mu Hao Tian’s expression changed.

    ‘My motive in coming here is letting Mo Shen see her. If he still cherished his feelings for Elder sister when he saw that appearance, he will certainly not continue marrying Chu Yun.

    Took me more than 15 minutes to write back this long. Miki-chan ah, why not give us one more chapter as present since I have solve it? (p/s: Trying to get an additional chapter. Send me some luck, my reader friends)

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