EAA Chapter 924


Chapter 924  – Various Power Came Knocking On The Door Part 7

His hand held firmly on Mu Ru Yue’s shoulders as he yelled lowly with a shaky voice.

Mu Ru Yue frowned.

‘I knew that I will soon or later meet with Shen Mo after coming back to Hua Xia. Hence, I didn’t reject Mu Hao Tian’s invite in attending his wedding…

‘However, it is beyond my imagination that Shen Mo would be so stirred up.’


“Damn! This is news! Quickly take pictures!”

The reporters hastily raised the cameras in their hands, frantically taking the pictures of this couple. Mu Ru Yue raised her head to look at the handsome face before her under the flashing lights from the cameras.

‘He had slimmed down a lot since two years ago. There is also stubbles growing at his chin but it didn’t in the slightest ruin his handsome, mature grandeur.’

“You have recognized the wrong person.”

She parted her thin lips slightly as she continued in a low and heavy tone, “I’m not her.”

“No!” Shen Mo became stirred up as he tightened his grip on her shoulders as he yelled, “You’re Mu Ru Yue! I can’t be wrong!”

“Elder brother Shen,” Mu Hao Tian was shocked, hastily pushing Shen Mo away from Mu Ru Yue and protecting Mu Ru Yue behind him. “She is Elder sister’s friend, not Elder sister.”


Shen Mo’s step stumbled a little. The glow in his eyes dimmed once again at that instant.

“How can she not be? How can there be two people with such similar appearances in this world?”

“Shen Mo,” Chu Yun bit her lips as she walked to Shen Mo’s side. She then raised her arm to hook around his arm as she continued, gigging, “I can prove that she isn’t Yue Er. She previously met Yue Er once. She had then undergone plastic surgery to have her appearance.”

What she meant was this woman didn’t have a close relationship with Mu Ru Yue and just met her once. But it was unknown as to what motive she had in changing her appearance to Mu Ru Yue’s…

How could Mu Hao Tian not understand the deeper meaning of her words? His youthful and handsome face turned grim instantly.

“Sigh! So this magnificent beauty was actually achieved by plastic surgery. She even purposely changed her appearance to another person’s.”

Tsk! Tsk! I don’t know what is her purpose in doing this. It is quite obvious the eldest young master of the Shen family loved the girl with that appearance. Why had she intentionally appear at this place after changing her appearance to the current one then? It can’t be she is trying to seduce the eldest young master of the Shen family, right?”

“I originally thought her beauty was superior to the young madam of the Shen family, but I didn’t expect that it was done by plastic surgery. I look down upon this kind of people the most. What’s there to boast in having a fake face?”

Chu Yun smirked discreetly upon hearing the discussions among the crowd with a ray of light that shone past her eyes…

Shen Mo’s expression changed from his initial excitement to fury.

‘This woman actually dared to change her appearance to Mu Ru Yue’s, almost making me believe she had returned to my side once again…’

“Hao Tian, did you really love elder sister, allowing another girl to have her appearance?”

Mu Hao Tian was stunned as he rebuked, “Elder brother Shen, Elder sister Xiao didn’t undergo plastic surgery. She…”

“Didn’t undergo plastic surgery? Mu Hao Tian, your elder sister has an identical twin? Why hadn’t I heard about that before?” Shen Mo lowered his gaze with a storm raging in his eyes, “I won’t allow anyone to live with her appearance. This is sullying her!”

‘I previously really thought she had returned.

‘Now that I’ve calmed down, I remembered that woman had already died so it is impossible for her to appear before me. Since so, there is only a possibility…’

Mu Hao Tian sighed, let down, as he asked, “Elder brother Shen, why are you willing to believe her but not me?”

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