EAA Chapter 922


Chapter 922  – Various Power Came Knocking On The Door Part 5

Mu Hao Tian had been shocked witless again.

‘But I’ve never heard that those divine beast can also humanize from Hua Xia’s folk tales…’  

Mu Ru Yue shifted her head to glance at the youth and with a smirk, she said, “Let’s go.”

Mu Hao Tian subconsciously recovered his senses upon hearing her voice, looking dazedly at the girl before him…


Chu Yun and Shen Mo’s wedding would be held in a month’s time. Xiao Yue had been keeping a close eye on Luo Sha within this month. However, he initially didn’t do anything. Mu Ru Yue then let Xiao Yue make moves on those three power in order to force the backstage master to appear, pushing them into a crisis.

Nonetheless, Luo Sha finally couldn’t bear not to get in touch with those people a day before Chu Yun’s wedding.

Although Xiao Yue didn’t know what the item known as handphone was, she had clearly heard Luo Sha’s words. Glimmer danced in her eyes before she disappeared from within the Luo Sha’s Sect…

“Master, I’ve already managed to eavesdrop him.”

Xiao Yue moved in a flash to enter the room as she hastily reported, “Master’s parents are in the hands of the Xia family!”

“Xia family? Are you sure?” Mu Ru Yue abruptly opened her eyes and with a cold ray of a light that flickered past her eyes, she clarified, “Is it America’s Xia family?”

Xiao Yue blinked her eyes as she replied, “I seem to have heard that. Master, what is America?”

Mu Ru Yue gradually took in a mouthful of air before explaining in a cold tone, “I didn’t expect it would be the Xia family! The Xia family was originally a rather well-known ancient aristocratic family in our Hua Xia. They then migrated to America. I previously had interacted with the Xia family when I previously went to America. But now, I don’t know wh-what the Xia family is up to. What benefits will they have in abducting my parents?”

‘No matter what, I must make a trip to the Xia family after settling with the matters here!

‘Mother and Father had already been missing for so many years. Since they are still in the Xia family, it means that the Xia family will temporarily not do anything to them…

‘They will be safer there for now.’


Xiao Yue was startled as she lowered her elegant gaze and asked, “Do you need me to wipe out those three power? They no longer have any use anyways…”

“We shall temporarily leave them with their lives.” Mu Ru Yue smirked as she continued, “I don’t need to fear those three power. I currently also no longer need to be wary towards that Xia family. But… my Mother and Father are still in the Xia family’s hands. If we make a move on those three power, it certainly will inadvertently alert the Xia family. It will then be detrimental to my parent’s condition! Thus, we should temporarily let them live slightly longer…”

Mu Ru Yue raised her gaze slightly and with a trace of a sneer, she continued, “I undoubtedly won’t let those people that captured my parents off! No matter what reasons the Xia family may have, they must all die without exception!”

Xiao Yue looked at the current Mu Ru Yue and suddenly smiled.

Her smile was so refined and elegant, making it impossible for people to overlook it.

“Master, this subordinate will forever follow Master, no matter what Master wants to do!”

‘I won’t even hesitate in annihilating the entire heaven and earth for her!’

“Xiao Yue, you are to stay within the Alchemy Book for now. I also don’t know where Wu Chen and Xiao Bai are now.” Mu Ru Yue sighed slightly with a bitter smile on her face.

Xiao Yue’s gaze darkened as she bit her lips before she said, “Master, Zi Huang and Xiao Bai will definitely appear…”

Xiao Yue’s heart ached when she thought about that innocent and adorable youth.

‘If it wasn’t for me that day, Xiao Bai wouldn’t have been struck by that ancient divine weapon, resulting in him crossing to Hua Xia…

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