EAA Chapter 921


Chapter 921  – Various Power Came Knocking On The Door Part 4

Luo Sha was currently stupefied. It was obvious that he hadn’t recovered from his shock…

His body shuddered subconsciously when he heard Mu Hao Tian’s voice after a long time as he replied, “I… I don’t know!”

Glimmers danced in his eyes when he said that.

“You don’t know?” Mu Ru Yue smirked lightly as she continued indifferently, “Since it’s so, then you can return.”


Luo Sha widened his eyes with disbelief.

‘Is… is she really letting me go this easily? Aren’t she afraid that I may pay her back for this?

I really don’t know if this woman is too ignorant or she is overconfident…’

Mu Hao Tian initially wanted to say something, but he swallowed his words in the end.

‘I should trust her, just like Elder sister, right?’

“Let’s go!”

Luo Sha waved his hand as he glared viciously at Mu Ru Yue.

People from Cloud Scar Sect and Poison Sect didn’t dare continue staying at this place, hastily dashing out of the courtyard…

“Xiao Yue.”

Mu Ru Yue said with a plan as she looked at the crowd’s departing figure. “Please help me pay attention to the movements from those three power, focusing mainly on the Luo Sha Sect. You are to report to me every people that they came in contact with!”

‘I had temporarily let Luo Sha go in order to lure the backstage Master out in the open…

‘As for the other two sects, they similarly are in the same boat. If I need to eliminate the Luo Sha Sect, I will instantly wipe out all those sects.

I mustn’t act too carelessly in wiping them out unless I’m certain of Mother’s and Father’s safety…’

“Elder sister Xiao, who are you speaking to?” Mu Hao Tian blinked his eyes as he looked at the girl before him, flabbergasted.

There was a silver wolf that suddenly appeared beside Mu Ru Yue while he was still puzzled.

That wolf was different from the wolf of Hua Xia. Its beautiful silver fur gave off a dazzling glow under the sunset. Its eyes had a gentle smile as it elegantly lowered its prideful head.

“Understood, Master!”

‘Did th-the silver wolf just speak?’

Mu Hao Tian got a fright that his complexion turned gravely pale as he pointed his finger at Xiao Yue and stuttered, “Mon-monster! It’s… it’s a wolf monster…”

Mu Ru Yue was startled as she patted her head, slightly vexed.

I can’t believe that I forgot that this is Hua Xia, no longer the Martial God Continent. The people of this place has never seen a demon beast so they naturally wouldn’t know that wild beast can also cultivate…’

“Hao Tian, she is a demon beast.” Mu Ru Yue smirked as she explained, “Demon beast can similarly cultivate and is also able to form a contract with the human race, fighting alongside with its contracted person. It can humanise once it reaches a certain rank. They are an essential partner for cultivators.”

Mu Hao Tian blinked his eyes in a daze as he asked, “Why hadn’t I heard of them before?”

“It is due to…” Mu Ru Yue paused slightly as she continued, “There already aren’t many wild beasts that can cultivate. The method in forming contracts had similarly disappeared. However, there are still several ancient books in the ancient martial world. There are similarly a lot of divine beasts within those ancient books. For example, the five most well-known divine beasts in our Hua Xia such as the Green Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, and Qilin had all cultivated from wild beasts. It is similarly the case for Xiao Yue…”

Mu Hao Tian nodded, unknown as to whether he had fully absorbed what Mu Ru Yue had said, as he commented, “Elder sister Xiao, you’re really knowledgeable…”

Mu Ru Yue just smiled at his comment but didn’t remark on it. She turned her head to Xiao Yue instead and said, “Xiao Yue, you should quickly go now. My gut feeling tells me Luo Sha will be communicating with those people shortly…”

“Yes, Master.”

Xiao Yue acknowledged politely. Her figure gradually elongated under the glow of the sunset. Shortly, an elegant and beautiful figure had stood before Mu Ru Yue.


That figure soared in a flash, quickly disappearing under the sky.

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