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Miki’s TL Note: I had accidentally typoed Mu Ru Yue’s Grandfather’s name to be Mu Feng but it should have been Mu Zheng. I’m sorry about that. I’ve already changed them from the previous chapters since his first appearance was in Chapter 914~ It’s fortunate I discovered this early.

Chapter 917  –Bad At Judging A Person Part 3

“Elder sister Xiao, can you do me a favour?” Mu Hao Tian raised his handsome youthful face as a ray of a light flashed past his large clear eyes.

“What is it?” Mu Ru Yue smiled gently as she looked at the youth beside her with a raised brow.

“I want… you to ruin their wedding!”


The youth narrowed his eyes slightly with his face losing his initial childishness. He looked so mature that Mu Ru Yue’s heart ached again.

‘He had grown up so much during these two years. How could I unconcerned?’

“Elder brother Shen loves elder sister. Since your appearance is really similar to my elder sisters, he will unquestionably dump Chu Yun once he sees you. I mustn’t let them marry!”

“Why?” Mu Ru Yue smiled as she continued, “There’s a proverb that said ‘people from ancient times would rather destroy ten temples than destroy a marriage’. What you are planning to do seems to go against ethics.”

“Elder sister Xiao, I’m not afraid to tell you that only Grandfather, Chu Yun and I knew about my elder sister’s trip to the Long White Mountain. Yet, it was leaked out in the end… even leading to my elder sister’s death. How could that matter have nothing to do with her? Hence, I mustn’t let them marry! Can you help me with this favour?”

The youth turned his head to face Mu Ru Yue with a candid glow emitting from his eyes.

Mu Ru Yue raised her hand to rub the youth’s head and with a smirk, she agreed, “You’re so young yet you act too old. Alright, I shall agree to your request.”

She realized Mu Hao Tian was looking at her in a daze upon saying that.

“What’s wrong?” Mu Ru Yue’s brow raised slightly as she asked, puzzled.

“Nothing,” Mu Hao Tian shook his head as he lowered his gaze and continued, “My elder sister loved to rub my head just like that. But she’s already not here anymore…”

Mu Ru Yue’s fingers stiffened. A hand seemed to be harshly squeezing her heart as she looked at the youth’s sorrowful expression.

She wanted to neglect everything and reveal her identity.

But she knew Mu Hao Tian wouldn’t believe her in such an unimaginable matter. He might even think that she had ulterior motives…

“Elder sister Xiao.”

Mu Hao Tian carefully grabbed onto her hand as he asked pitifully, “Can you head in with me to see my Grandfather? Grandfather will be really happy once he sees you…”


Mu Ru Yue lowered her gaze slightly but nodded in the end…

Mu Zheng was resting within the room but was stunned when he saw the incoming girl. He didn’t know how he got the strength but he managed to instantly stand up from the bed at this moment, looking excitedly at Mu Ru Yue…

“Yue… Yue Er? You… you are Yue Er?”

‘Didn’t Yue Er die? Can it be she revived?’

“Grandfather,” Mu Hao Tian pursed his thin lips as he continued, “She is elder sister’s friend. She was the one that I mentioned to you, elder sister Xiao. She isn’t elder sister. Elder sister had already died and I had personally cremated her corpse.”

‘Not Yue Er?’

Mu Zheng’s heart fell to the bottom of the valley at this instant, despair appeared in his expression again.

“I promised her that I will help the Mu family.” Mu Ru Yue raised her head to look at the elder as she said each word heavily, “Hence, I will not only help her find her missing parents, but I will also help the Mu family to get through its current crisis!”

Mu Zheng’s heart shuddered as he said with a bitter smile, “It’s Yue Er’s blessings to have you as her friend. It is, however, a pity that she is no longer here with us. It was all due to me as her Grandfather being too useless, making my Granddaughter face dangers knowingly… If only if I didn’t accept the head of the sect’s Alchemy Book, perhaps none of this would have happened…”

He shut his eyes from his slight pain, sighing lightly in regret.

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