EAA Chapter 913


Chapter 913 –Hua Xia’s Mu Family’s Crisis Part 4

Fury surged in the youth’s eyes with steeled determination in his eyes…

Mu Ru Yue’s heart ached.

The previous youth that was as cheerful as sunshine seemed to have vanished, replaced by hatred.

Mu Ru Yue couldn’t bear not to raise her hand to pull Mu Hao Tian into her embrace.


Mu Hao Tian’s body stiffened as he gradually closed his eyes at this instant…

‘This embrace is so warm, making me remember that elder sister had hugged me in this fashion when I was too afraid to fall asleep every night…

‘It was as if I can always be at ease whenever she was around.’

“Elder sister Xiao, since you know so many things about me, you should have a really close relationship to elder sister. It is especially so when you have a similar scent to hers… I am really exhausted after all these years when elder sister wasn’t by my side and Grandfather had been bed-ridden. But I must carry on. This is the Mu family that elder sister had previously protected with her life. How can I let something that elder sister protected disappear? Hence, I will persist no matter how hard and painful it will be. Elder sister will also be at ease in the netherworld in this case.”

Mu Hao Tian’s eyelashes trembled slightly. He raised his pair of large, bright eyes to look at Mu Ru Yue, becoming slightly absent-minded.

‘It is as though elder sister that I had revered was still standing before me, smiling lightly and lovingly…’

“She had pleaded me previously in America that I would help her protect the Mu family on her behalf if she were to die. I had agreed to it so you can just pass the future matters of the Mu family to me.”

Mu Ru Yue’s heart had never ached so much when she heard the youth’s words.

‘He had always been under my wings since young. Yet, he needs to use his feeble shoulders to carry the large burden in supporting the entire Mu family now.

‘How can my heart not ache?’

“Let’s go. Please bring me to see your grandfather first. I might be able to treat him.” Mu Ru Yue suppressed the sore feelings in her heart as she smiled and said that.

“Really?” Mu Hao Tian’s eyes lit up as he continued, “I had brought Grandfather to the hospital when he was critically ill. But the people at the hospital said that Grandfather doesn’t have much longer to live. Hence, I can only bring Grandfather back to the family. Following that, I used the Qi Blood Pill that was left behind by my ancestors to sustain Grandfather’s life. Grandfather will never be able to die in peace if he didn’t see the corpse of those people that killed my elder sister!”

Loathsome was expressed on the youth’s face, killing intents gradually surged forth from his body…

Mu Ru Yue lowered her gaze slightly, covering the iciness in her eyes.

‘I can already imagine how this youth lived in these two years. I won’t let those people that killed me continue living in this world no matter what!

‘I will kill all of them, no matter how far away they may be!’

“Let’s go.”

Mu Ru Yue tugged on Mu Hao Tian’s hand as she said gently, “Trust me, I can save him! Similarly, I won’t let those people from those power that took your elder sister’s life continue to live in this world!”

Mu Hao Tian’s heart shuddered subconsciously as his gaze focused on the girl’s impeccable face.

He had compared the face that he remembered two years ago to Mu Ru Yue’s face, gradually matching up with the face before him…

‘Why do they give me the same feeling?’

‘Who on earth is this girl?’

Mu Hao Tian bit his lip, freely allowing Mu Ru Yue to pull him out of the room.

What made Mu Hao Tian even more surprised after that was the woman before him seemed to be walking in her own house, extremely familiar with the layout of the Mu family. This was especially so when she knew how to go to Grandfather’s room.

‘Can it be elder sister had also told her this?’

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