EAA Chapter 911


Chapter 911 –Hua Xia’s Mu Family’s Crisis Part 2

There wasn’t a slightest modern decoration in the large hall of the Mu family but it was filled with an ancient scent and ancient decoration.

There was currently a youth in a pure white T-shirt within the large hall glaring furiously at the crowd before him. His current youthful face was sullen.

“Why had all of you come to our Mu family again? I’ve already mentioned that the Alchemy Book isn’t in the Mu family. Do you have an end?”



The elder that was in the lead of the group snorted coldly as he said expressionlessly, “Mu Hao Tian (admire grand sky), your elder sister had already died. Currently, the Mu family had deteriorated. Moreover, our head leader of the family broke through to the Xiantian Full Circle Realm already. Your sister won’t be able to go against our head leader even if she still lives. I shall give you an advice to your Mu family. You should know what’s best for you!”


Mu Hao Tian’s complexion momentarily became gravely pale, his body shuddered uncontrollably.

‘All of the large sects had pursued after elder sister for the Alchemy Book two years ago. It resulted in her death at the Long White Mountain. Grandfather was bed-ridden after witnessing her corpse due to his sorrow ever since then. The Mu family started to crumble at that moment…’

“I will certainly avenge my elder sister’s death! I will make all of you that led to her death pay a terrible price!”

Mu Hao Tian raised his head, revealing his bloodshot eyes, as he yelled furiously with a shaky voice.

“What can you do when even your elder sister died under our hands?” The elder sneered as he continued, “I shall give you all a couple more days to think this through. If you continue not to give us that Alchemy Book at that moment, I’m afraid that what will be waiting for you will be to be forced to move out of the ancient martial world, living in the ordinary world!”

The elder swung his sleeves downward heavily, turning around and left after giving Mu Hao Tian a final glance.

‘The countries of Hua Xia and the ancient martial world had an agreement for the safety of Hua Xia that ancient martial practitioners were forbidden in using their might in the cities of Hua Xia. Otherwise, it will jeopardize the state of Hua Xia.

‘The ancient martial world similarly had a rule that it was not permitted to annihilate the entire family no matter how deep was their grudges to that family.

‘The current motto of the ancient martial world was to leave a fine line in no matter what you do so that it will be easier to meet in the future.

‘Otherwise, I would have already killed all these people two years ago!

‘However, there isn’t a rule that forbidden chasing them out of the ancient martial world. I will then have multiple ways of making these people disappear once they entered the city…’


Mu Hao Tian’s legs gave way, sitting heavily on the ground.

Tears of despair streamed down from his eyes but he gritted his teeth, not releasing a single sound.

‘Father and Mother are missing, elder sister had died, and Grandfather had been bed-ridden so I am the only one that can support the entire Mu family now…

‘But I’m already so exhausted.

‘Previously, I’ve been protected well by Elder sister, not being hurt in the slightest by anything. Yet, I currently must stand up to face all these enemies of the Mu family.’

“Elder sis… how great would it be if you’re still living…” Mu Hao Tian closed his eyes slowly. With his long eyelashes trembling slightly, he muttered softly in a hoarse voice, “Elder sis, I miss you so much…”

“Young master.”

Suddenly, a voice was heard before him, “Young master, there is a person outside, seeking for an audience. She said that she is a friend of the eldest young mistress.”

‘Elder sister’s friend?’

Mu Hao Tian suddenly opened his eyes as he agreed, “Let’s go. I shall have a meeting with her. I know all of elder sister’s friends. I just don’t know which one…”

A girl was standing with her hands resting behind her back within the ancestral hall. Her gaze landed on a tablet within the Mu family’s ancestor shrine, silently focusing on a photo.

It was a girl with an impeccable beauty that had a greatly similar appearance to hers. But the girl in that picture was much younger than her…

“It seems Grandfather and younger brother must have thought that I’ve died.”

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