EAA Chapter 91


Chapter 91 – This World had Become A Fantasy Part 3

Everyone was stunned as they didn’t know what made the two elders have such frequent changes in expression. They ranged from frowning to showing an enlightened appearance.

While everyone was nervous, a clear laughter was transmitted across the entire venue.

“I understand! Haha! I finally understand! Those previous difficult problems have been solved. The profits gained today are great.”

Even though the current Mu Ru Yue’s standard in pill refining wasn’t as good as this elder, there wouldn’t be anyone better than Mu Ru Yue in analysing the components of medicinal plants and pill formulas. She had been from a medicinal aristocratic family in her previous life, after all.


Moreover, this abnormal girl also possessed the Book of Alchemy, which many experts sought after. Basically, if the Book of Alchemy was in a person’s possession, then it would no longer be a dream for them to become the world’s strongest alchemist.

When the crowd saw Elder Flame heartily laughing in a crazed manner, they looked at one another with curiosity displayed on their faces.

“Cough! Cough!” Elder He dryly coughed twice before continuing with a smile, “Alright, the result for this elimination round is out. The person that got the third position amongst the competitors in this elimination round is Ling Tian.”

Ling Tian?

The crowd looked among each other. They didn’t seem to have heard this name before….

“Ling Tian, please step forth.”

Elder He calmly said those words, seemingly understanding the crowd’s confusion.

Instantly, a man encased in a black robe walked two steps forth before giving a slight nod towards Elder He. He introduced himself with a hoarse voice, “I am Ling Tian.”

Elder He knitted his brows slightly as he looked questionably at the peculiar man before him.

Who…is he?

“The runner up for this elimination round is Mister Qing Yu.”

Mister Qing Yu was only the runner up

This outcome greatly shocked the crowd. Since Mister Qing Yu was the runner up, the first position should be Qin Fei Fei from the Qin family. In this event, only those two had the qualification to obtain the top positions.

“Fei Fei, you finally achieved first place.” Qin Luo exclaimed excitedly, “I always knew Fei Fei would be the most outstanding. It seems that you were able to beat Mister Qing Yu this time.”

Qin Fei Fei smiled lightly as she shifted her gaze towards the judges panel. “We’ll see once the judges announce the winner.”

But looking at her expression, it seemed that she was confident of the outcome.

“Following up will be the champion for this elimination round.” Elder He chuckled. When he looked at the quieting crowd, he announced with a raise brow, “The champion for this round of competitions is——Mu Ru Yue!” 1

Qin Fei Fei’s smile stiffened. She was so stunned that her eyes widened. Her complexion momentarily paled, and her delicate body trembled slightly.

She actually didn’t make it to one of the top three positions of the elimination round?

This is impossible!

Qin Fei Fei tightly bit her lips, a hint of iciness in her eyes. She wanted to know who Mu Ru Yue was. Who was the one who had robbed her of her position in the top three?

A plainly dressed Mu Ru Yue walked forward gradually under the amazement of the crowd.

She was dressed up plainly without any accessories. Yet, even if she dressed this plainly, it was still unable to cover up her exceptional appearance, one that could beat every girl in the venue.

This young girl with such an outstanding appearance attracted the crowd’s attention.

Everyone felt as though they were looking at a ghost when they saw the young girl alchemist’s ranking crest.

Was this a joke? A Human Stage Mid Rank alchemist? Such a low ranked Human Stage Mid Ranked alchemist was actually the champion for this elimination round?

Did they see it wrongly, or has this world become a fantasy?

Since when was there such a capable Human Stage Mid Rank alchemist that could push Qin Fei Fei, who was at the Earth Stage Low Rank level, out of the top three positions?

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