EAA Chapter 907


Chapter 907 – Lovesick Feng Jing Tian Part 2

He looked as handsome as a god with his white hair and eyebrows. He was standing in mid-air with his white robes fluttering slightly. He looked as noble as a god that had descended into the human world. He looked coldly downward at the man that was on the ground.

Such a divine-looking man seemed to have walked out from a painting. He looked so handsome that he seemed unreal.

“Bei Jun,” Bai Ze’s expression was cold as he continued indifferently, “She isn’t someone that you can obtain.”

Haha!” Bei Jun laughed brazenly.


A gale arose at this instant with his black hair dancing wildly with the wind. His laughs were filled with arrogance.

“She isn’t something I can have? What about yourself then?” Bei Jun lowered his gaze as his dark golden eyes focused on that handsome face as he continued, “Do you dare to say that you had never wanted her?”

Bai Ze raised his head and looked at Bei Jun as he replied calmly, “No! I just want her to be happy. I will be satisfied with just that. I had never ever wanted her for myself as I knew that she doesn’t belong to me. The only man that can stand side by side with her will be that man…”

‘Only that Asura-like man can make her happy…  

‘Hence, I will help her protect that happiness…’


Flames of fury surged forth from Bei  Jun’s body as he rebuked, “The only person that could stand at the summit of the world with her must be me! I won’t allow her to be with another man ever again!”

“Bei Jun, you should just give up. She had already married Zi Huang and have two kids. Why must you continue pressuring her in accepting you? They will solely love each other after they reincarnated even if you kill them. What’s the point in doing this then?”


Bei Jun clenched his fists tightly as his flames of fury burned off everything in his surroundings. Those two children were like a thorn stabbing deeply into his heart.

‘My heart hurts unbearably whenever I thought about her marrying to another man.

‘It is just like the previous life. I had used self-mutilation to decrease the pain in my heart during their bridal night in the previous life.

‘But if she belongs to me now, I won’t be calculative about her past life, giving her all of my love…’

“Femme fatale.”

Yan Jin shook his head helplessly.

‘I don’t know how many men did this woman wretched already…

‘Any man except Ye Wu Chen that had fallen in love with her would suffer boundless pain and torture.’

“Nobody will be able to stop me today!”

Bei Jun narrowed his dark golden eyes slightly as he charged in a flash toward Bai Ze. A mighty aura was released fully from his body, pressuring toward those two people…

“Yue, go and find him!”

Bai Ze turned his head to look at Mu Ru Yue and smiled gently at her.

Mu Ru Yue’s heart shuddered as she said, “But Bai Ze, the two of you…”

“Don’t fret. Even though Bei Jun is already close to becoming a demigod, he hadn’t broken through yet. Yan Jin and I are already at the Supreme Realm. We won’t be any danger even if we can’t kill him. The one that should worry is him…”

The man’s smile was gentle, his voice gently brushed past Mu Ru Yue’s heart.

“Bai Ze, I will never be able to repay what you had done for me in my past life and current life.”

‘He had really done so many things for me. Yet, he had never once asked me anything in repayment…’

“Yue, do you still remember what I told you quite some times ago? He gives you happiness so I will protect your happiness. You should quickly go and find him. We will be waiting for your return at this place…”

There were slight struggles that flashed beneath Mu Ru Yue’s eyes. But when her eyes met with Bai Ze’s eyes, her heart gradually calmed down.

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  1. Oh Yan Jin, your decision of not joining the band wagon was correct ???? coz everyone that loves Mu Er or Wu Chen will turn into psycho! Hahahaha except Bai Ze. I still wish he would be paired with Xiao Yu tho..

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