EAA Chapter 905


Chapter 905 – Bei Jun’s Pain Part 6

His index finger was like a dagger drenched with poison stabbing at her throat.

But just as he was about to reach Mu Ru Yue, a gigantic sword suddenly appeared behind her, slashing downward without any signs of warning.


The entire ground was split open, dust and sand filled the area covering the crowd’s sight…  


“True Realm!”

The crowd couldn’t help but gasp as they saw her might.

This girl was unexpectedly a True Realm practitioner!

“Are you done?” Mu Ru Yue smirked slightly as she looked at those elders as she continued, “Since you aren’t coming, it shall be my turn…”


A sword materialized in the sky, floating before Mu Ru Yue. She raised her hand to grip onto the sword, slashing it heavily downward. Intense flames burst out from the sword as if it was capable to rip the sky apart.


The elder closest to Mu Ru Yue was instantly sent flying several meters back. The flaming sword then landed on his body before he could come back to his wits…  

The crowd was stunned as they looked with disbelief at the girl’s cold but flawless facial appearance.

It had to be known that they were all mighty Spiritual Realm experts. Yet, they couldn’t hold a candle before this girl…

“Let’s deal with her together.”

Another person gritted his teeth as he charged with the group toward Mu Ru Yue.

Mu Ru Yue raised her eyes that was void of warmth with her gaze focused on the group of elders charging toward her.


Flames were constantly surging forth from her body, gradually gathering toward the Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword which was in her hand.

The sword emitted an intense glow. Following that, an enormous sword that was made from flames appeared above her head, she heavily slashed downward again.

The ground quaked and the mountain swayed at this instant. The entire sacrificial altar had toppled.

Intense flames devoured those elders’ body like a storm…

The entire land seemed to have been engulfed by flames.

“Xiao Yue!”

Mu Ru Yue hastily turned around.


A ray of red light was shot toward the cage, breaking it.


Xiao Yue dashed out from the cage. Her body gradually elongated by a ray of light, slowly revealing a human face.

She halted her steps when she was before Mu Ru Yue. With a teary pair of silver eyes, she said, “Master, I don’t know where Xiao Bai had been sent to by a weapon… I was unable to accomplish the task given by Master as I was captured by Bei Jun.”

Guilt filled her elegant and impeccable face.

“Xiao Yue, everything will be fine.” Mu Ru Yue smirked slightly as she continued, “We will be able to find Xiao Bai…”


Xiao Yue pursed her lips slightly. Her beautiful face was still gravely pale but she was at a loss of what to say…

“Xiao Yue, do you know where is that ancient weapon located?” Mu Ru Yue frowned.

‘No matter what, I must bring Wu Chen and Xiao Bai back from that place.

‘It will be the time to settle my debts with Bei Jun after that!’

“It seems to be at this place.”

Glimmers danced in Xiao Yue’s eyes as she asked, “Master, are you going to find Xiao Bai?”

Mhm! Not only Xiao Bai, Wu Chen as well…”  


A tyrannical grandeur suddenly neared them from afar, making Mu Ru Yue’s expression to change abruptly.

“Oh no! It had been three hours. Bei Jun is coming here. Xiao Yue, let’s quickly leave this place!” Mu Ru Yue raised her hand to grab onto Xiao Yue’s hand, hastily dashing forward in a flash…

Yet, a figure suddenly descended from the sky, blocking her path.

A sinister cold aura was emitted from the man that was being enveloped in black robes.

Coldness and arrogance were surging from within of his dark golden eyes as he said, “Senior Yue, I won’t allow you to escape again!”

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