EAA Chapter 902


Chapter 902 – Bei Jun’s Pain Part 3

‘However, everything changed once I married Ye Wu Chen!

‘He had not only used several methods in trying to kill Ye Wu Chen, but he had also even implicated so many lives of the Zi family. He should be the one that gave the magic array to trap Bai Ze within it to Zi Feng. Otherwise, Zi Feng wouldn’t have sufficient power to activate the magic array.

‘I will never forgive him with such great grudges and hatred toward him!

‘I, Mu Ru Yue, swear that I am not worthy to call myself human if I didn’t seek vengeance for that many people of the Zi family!’


“Hold your tongue!” Xiao Jing’s gaze turned grim as she shouted coldly, “This is the North Devil Palace! This isn’t your territory! You…”

Suddenly, a sinister cold aura could be felt from outside the room’s door, instantly trapping all of Xiao Jing’s next words at her throat.

“Why had you come here?”

Xiao Jing’s heart became heavy abruptly when she shifted her gaze to the room’s door, the man’s dark golden eyes entered her sight.

“Step-Stepfather…” Xiao Jing’s complexion turned gravely pale as she stuttered.

A cold aura permeated the room. With a flash of black robes, the man walked into the room from outside. Xiao Jing could feel that her breath had thinned at that instant. It was as if an enormous rock had weighed down on her heart, suffocating her.

“Stepfather, I… I was just…”

The man used his large hand to strangle her neck mercilessly just as she wanted to explain.

The feeling of suffocation made her panic. She widened her large, clear eyes as she looked at the man’s cold, unfeeling dark golden eyes in sorrow and pain.

‘I can clearly feel that this man’s heartfelt killing intent at this instant.

‘If it wasn’t that I still have some uses for him, he would most probably kill me now…’

“Do you still remember what I said?” The man narrowed his eyes slightly. With a cold ray of light being emitted from his eyes like a storm, he continued, “I’ve mentioned that you aren’t permitted to come here and disturb her. It seems that you’ve forgotten my words!”


Bei Jun raised his hand, making Xiao Jing’s body to be sent flying backward.


Her body had collided heavily against the door. The pain and fear made her heart clench, her mind blanked…


The man’s voice was low and hoarse. The husky sound like the dark sky made Xiao Jing’s heart shuddered.

She suppressed her heartache as she gradually stood up and bit her lips hard before she replied, “Understood, Stepfather!”

‘My head is really painful, but what was more painful to me is my heart that is dripping profusely with blood…’

The man didn’t even glance at the direction she had departed to from the start. He shifted his gaze to Mu Ru Yue, but was at a loss of what to say…

Mu Ru Yue opened her eyes as she said indifferently, “Bei Jun, let’s have a good chat.”

Her calm expression made Bei Jun elated.

‘It is the first time that she had talked to me with such an expression ever since she reincarnated.’

Bei Jun controlled his trembling heart as he said deep and low voice, “What shall we chat about?”

Mu Ru Yue smirked slightly as she got out of the bed, filling two cups on the table with tea at her own pace. With a smirk, she said, “Have a seat first. We will then have a great chat.”

Bei Jun looked at the teacup that Mu Ru Yue had pushed before him. A ray of light flashed past his eyes but he decided to brush his robes backward and sat. He lifted his hand gently to remove his dark golden mask.

The man’s facial appearance was exceedingly handsome and beautiful under the light of daybreak. However, his beauty wasn’t as effeminate as Feng Jing Tian’s; it was masculine. His well defined facial features was adorned by an extremely fair skin tone. The faint scar on his face didn’t in the slightest ruined the beauty of his face, it gave his appearance an alluring charm instead.

“Have some tea.”

Mu Ru Yue sniggered as she gradually lifted her teacup and had a sip.

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