EAA Chapter 897


Chapter 897  –Meeting Bei Jun Again Part 6

‘If I am a god, I didn’t need to crack my mind to find for an ancient divine weapon to borrow its might to send Ye Wu Chen away!

‘But I know that he will return sooner or later. Hence, I must become stronger during this period of time. Otherwise, who knows when she will be snatched away from me again…’

Mu Ru Yue’s body shuddered. She gradually closed her eyes. She only opened her eyes after a long time with a trace of cold ray of light that flickered past her eyes.

“Where is Wu Chen?”


Bei Jun glanced at her and with a smirk, he disclosed, “That white dragon and him have gone to the place that you came from…”

‘The place I came from?’

Mu Ru Yue’s heart shuddered.

‘Does the place I come from refers to Hua Xia? Can it be Wu Chen went to Hua Xia?’

“The only way in sending someone to Hua Xia is by becoming a god. How did you manage to send him to Hua Xia?”

Bei Jun narrowed his eyes slightly with his gaze locked onto Mu Ru Yue.

A breeze blew under the moonlight. Arrogance was expressed on his enchanting face.

“Senior Yue, when both of you died that year, I’ve sent your soul to Hua Xia, wanting to separate the two of you for good. However, when I recovered my cultivation and obtained an ancient divine instrument, I went to find you again! Who knew you’ve returned and had fallen in love with him again…”

“Just what’s so good about him? Why didn’t you notice me at all in the previous life and even this life? But it’s alright. Since you’re here, I’ve sent him to Hua Xia to separate the two of you forever in your entire life and eternity! Hahaha!”

Bei Jun laughed brazenly, insanity filled his laughs.

‘Now, they will never be able to meet each other again. Thus, this girl can only be mine!’

“Bei Jun, do you think you can separate us just like this? I will always be by his side even if I have to cross two dimensional spaces. I will always return to his side!”


A ball of flames of fury ignited in Bei Jun’s heart as he looked at the girl’s determined eyes. However, a heart-wrenching pain overwhelmed his anger.

It was as if a heavy hammer had smashed ruthlessly on his heart, his heart dripping with blood from the pain…

“Don’t you even think about that! I will definitely not let you leave! Moreover, you don’t have the might to head to that place. God had never appeared in this world even when you were that close in becoming a one in your previous life!”

Bei Jun pressed down on Mu Ru Yue’s shoulder heavily. The scar on his face enhanced his crazed appearance. His voice was obviously shaky, but he stubbornly didn’t let his sorrow be expressed on his face…

Mu Ru Yue sniggered as she just closed her eyes, no longer looking at him.

Gradually, Bei Jun released his grip as he stumbled a couple of steps backward. He took in a breath from his pain as he clenched his fist and declared, “Senior Yue, I will eventually make you… accept me.”

He no longer looked at Mu Ru Yue upon saying that. He raised his hand to put on his dark golden mask before he turned around and left the room…


When Xiao Jing saw the man that left the room under the night sky, she asked with her complexion gravely pale, “Why is she here…”

‘I originally thought Stepfather previously meant that Mu Ru Yue didn’t qualify to obtain the affections of Feng Jing Tian.

‘But from what I’ve seen today, I finally understood that what he meant was Feng Jing Tian wasn’t worthy in even liking Mu Ru Yue…

‘But I just can’t accept that. Stepfather is like a mighty god in my heart. How can he love a married girl?

‘A married girl is just an old withered flower. How can she be compatible with my mighty and noble stepfather?’

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