EAA Chapter 896


Chapter 896 –Meeting Bei Jun Again Part 5

‘This girl will soon be mine!’

Bei Jun chuckled. His smile was haughty and contended. A peculiar ray of light surged in his dark golden eyes…

He lowered his head gradually upon saying that, nearing Mu Ru Yue’s lips.

A glacial aura expanded from Mu Ru Yue’s body as she felt his nearing breath, raising her legs to kick Bei Jun away with all her might.


Bei Jun narrowed his eyes slightly as he tightly restrained both of her legs. His lips brushed past her ear as he said, ambiguous, “This is a useless struggle. I’ve already used a method to send Ye Wu Chen away and it is impossible for Bai Ze to break out from the dimensional space. This time, nobody will be able to save you. Senior Yue, since your heart temporarily doesn’t belong to me, I shall take your body first! I will then make you fall deeply in love with me!”

“Bei Jun!”

Mu Ru Yue’s gaze darkened as she looked at the lust burning in the man’s eyes. Intense fury blazed in her heart. She currently only have a solution…

That solution was Yan Jin!

‘If Yan Jin can awaken from his deep slumber, he might be able to break out of the Alchemy Book with Bai Ze’s assistance…’

“Stepfather, elder apprentice brother…”

Yet, the room’s door was suddenly pushed open at this moment. Xiao Jing was stunned when she raised her head after entering the room…

‘Mu Ru Yue!

‘Why? Why is Mu Ru Yue here? Moreover, Master is pressing down on her…

‘It can’t be that the girl that Master loves is Mu Ru Yue, right?’

A hand seemed to have mercilessly ripped Xiao Jing’s heart apart. It was so painful that she felt suffocated. A layer of tears coated her large, clear eyes. Her lovely face momentarily turned gravely pale.

‘Stepfather has kept his chastity for all these years, not touching any girls. Hence, I was satisfied with that even if stepfather doesn’t love me.

‘But now…’

Xiao Jing’s heart shuddered upon seeing this scene, her body shaking uncontrollably. She currently had an impulse to run away, but her legs seemed to weighed down by a thousand pounds of gold, unable to move a step…

Bei Jun’s gaze turned grim as he glanced gloomily at Xiao Jing.

With his gaze that seemed to have an intense storm brewing within it, he said, “Scram!”


A mighty force smashed against her body, sending her body flying out of the room.


The room’s door was slammed shut. But it still couldn’t appease the storm that was brewing in his body…

“Bei Jun is Xiao Jing’s stepfather?” A cold glint flashed past Mu Ru Yue’s eyes as she made a realization as she muttered, “Does this mean that Feng Jing Tian…”

‘This man is Feng Jing Tian’s Master!

‘It’s no mystery why Feng Jing Tian could advance that quickly in his cultivation. It was all due to be person behind him being Bei Jun!’

Xiao Jing’s interruption was akin to pour a pail of cold water over Bei Jun’s head, making all his lust disappear. He gradually shifted his gaze to Mu Ru Yue with a feeble glow within his dark golden eyes.

“Bei Jun, what on earth are you planning to do?”

Mu Ru Yue suppressed her heartfelt anger as she looked ice-cold at Bei Jun’s enchanting handsome face and asked, “What is your purpose in keeping Feng Jing Tian as your disciple?”

‘From my understanding of him from my previous life, this man will never do anything without a motive!

‘There must be a reason for him to keep Feng Jing Tian as his disciple.’

The entire room became silent.

Gradually, Mu Ru Yue had given up all hopes of him answering her question.

Yet, the man’s low tone voice was heard at this moment, “Xiao Jing has a divine fiend physique while Feng Jing Tian has a devil’s physique. If there is an offspring born between the two of them, that child will instantly become a god once it’s born!”


It was an existence that was revered by the entire world!

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