EAA Chapter 895


Chapter 895 –Meeting Bei Jun Again Part 4


His brazen laughs filled the entire forest.

The tree leaves rustled as the cold breeze blew past.

“Senior Yue, since you’ve come here, do you think I will give you the chance to leave?”



The entire forest started moving at this instant. The sky turned dark without a trace of light…

“Mu Er!”

Ye Wu Chen embraced Mu Ru Yue’s body tightly with a dangerous glint that flashed past his narrowed eyes…

Bei Jun stood within the shifting forest as he looked down at the man that was embracing Mu Ru Yue, subconsciously feeling as though something had stabbed his eyes…


An intense explosion was heard within the forest. It was as if a black ray of light had enveloped the area. Following that, an unprecedented aura that was never seen before burst forth from Bei Jun’s body. His sinister cold aura spread outwards from his body.

A set of purple robes continued to keep her in his embrace at this critical moment, warmth infiltrated her heart…

The man’s eyes were sinister and cold, but it brimmed with tender feelings. However, Mu Ru Yue could no longer hear his voice when he seemed to be mouthing some words…

“Wu Chen…”

It was unknown why but Mu Ru Yue felt a wave of tiredness came over to her, closing her eyes from her exhaustion…

A girl had her eyes closed on an enormous bed inlaid with gold. Her complexion looked alarmingly pale under the glow from the moonlight.

A man was hovering over the girl that was on the bed. A peculiar gentleness surged in his dark purple eyes. He used his slender and long finger to caress the girl’s thin lips gently. His finger then gradually moved downwards. However, the girl that was lying on the bed suddenly opened her eyes when he was about to touch the girl’s body.

“You’ve awakened…”

The man’s voice was low and hoarse, but it was strangely alluring.

Mu Ru Yue’s body stiffened as she looked glacially at the man’s tremendously handsome face. Killing intent burst forth from her body as she asked, pausing for a couple seconds after each word, “Where is Wu Chen?”

Bei Jun smirked as he replied, “I can’t kill him but it didn’t mean that I couldn’t send him away. He currently is already in a place where you will never find him. Senior Yue, there already won’t be anyone that will disturb us anymore from now on…”

‘That’s right, there won’t be anyone that can disturb us now.’

“Bei Jun!”


Raging flames of fury boiled over from Mu Ru Yue’s body. She fixed her gaze on Bei Jun as she asked coldly, “Did you lure us here?”

Bei Jun raised his head and looked at Mu Ru Yue.

With flames glimmering in his eyes, he revealed, “No, it wasn’t planned. It was just that wolf struggled with all her might, releasing an unwanted signal to attract you over. But she is no longer here as I’ve already sent her away. But since the two of you came, it saved me the trouble of making another trip in getting you.”

“So Xiao Yue is indeed in your hands!”

Mu Ru Yue took in a deep breath with her gaze becoming increasingly cold. She lowered her gaze, wanting to communicate with Bai Ze that was in the Alchemy Book. She sadly realized she couldn’t contact it…

“Senior Yue, you should stop wasting needless effort. I know that there’s a dimensional space within your body. However, that space of yours is sealed within this place. Bai Ze won’t be able to get out from it to help you.”

Beu Jun smirked coldly and with a wave of his hand, he lifted Mu Ru Yue’s body up, pressing her heavily onto the wall.

“Senior Yue, there will no longer be anyone that can disturb us now…”

He narrowed his eyes slightly as he stared at the girl that was being confined to the wall. “I’ve waited so many years for you and loved you all these time. I’ve finally obtained you today as I’ve dreamed of for ages…”

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