EAA Chapter 890


Chapter 890 –Brother’s Conflict Part 5

“You won’t have that chance!”

Ye Si Huang raised his bloodthirsty gaze as he proclaimed, “I won’t forgive anyone that tries to hurt my Father and Mother!”

‘If we don’t cut a grass by its root, it will spawn again after the spring breeze blew!

‘This woman will just be a seed of disaster if she continues living in this world!


‘Even if it is impossible for her to hurt Father and Mother with her might, Father and Mother have several people that they want to protect. She must die in order to prevent those people from being hurt!’

More importantly, Ye Si Huang couldn’t tolerate that she dared to try and seduce Ye Wu Chen!

‘She must pay the price for her wrongdoings!’


A sword aura gradually gathered in midair, soaring through the air and penetrating Dou Wei Wei’s chest.

Her eyes abruptly widened. The intense pain made her body shake uncontrollably. She wanted to say something but her words seemed to be stuck in her throat, unable to voice them out.

Dou Lin was stunned. His body shuddered when his gaze met with the glance that Mu Ru Yue had shot over to him.

“I’m your Grandfather. You can’t do that to me!”

Mu Ru Yue looked coldly at Dou Lin as she told Ye Si Huang, “Little Huang Er, cripple his cultivation. Moreover, you are to make him live under the control of the Devil Sect, never stepping a foot into the Dou family for all his life and eternity.”

As for Dou Lin, she was still merciful toward him…

‘No matter how disappointed  Dou Yi Jun was for Dou Lin, Dou Lin had doted upon him all these years. If I were to kill him, Dou Yi Jun will definitely be sad…

‘Hence, I shall spare him his life.’

Dou Yi Jun looked with gratitude at Mu Ru Yue. How could he not understand that his niece likes cutting grasses by its root? She had let Dou Lin off all because of him…

“Yue Er, what will be your future plans?”

Mu Ru Yue’s gaze dimmed slightly as she replied, “I want to look for Xiao Yue and Xiao Bai! I am definitely a part of the cause for their disappearance!”

“Alright!” Dou Yi Jun nodded and he continued, “If you need help, you just need to tell uncle. I will help you out anytime…”  

“I will when that time comes.” Mu Ru Yue smiled lightly as she revealed, “My Mother will be coming here in a couple of days. I, however, will not be going to continue staying here in waiting for her arrival.”

Dou Yi Jun’s body jolted. He couldn’t help but be stirred up upon thinking about his long lost younger sister.

“Little Huang Er, Qian Jing! We will be searching for Xiao Yue and Xiao Bai separately.” Mu Ru Yue lowered her gaze and with a ray of light that flashed beneath her eyes, she continued, “Wu Chen and I will be a team while Little Huang Er and Jing Er will be another team. You must remember to inform me once you found them.”

Ye Si Huang’s gaze became melancholic and pouted his lips in grievance when he thought that he would be separated from Mu Ru Yue once again.

“Mother, we have just reunited. But now, we are going to be separated again…”

Zi Qian Jing raised his large hand to rub the little fellow’s small head roughly. With an elegant smile, he said, “Mother, I will take good care of this little fella. You don’t need to worry about him.”


Mu Ru Yue nodded and she spread her arms to pull Ye Si Huang and Zi Qian Jing into her embrace.

With a light smile, she promised, “Jing Er, little Huang Er! Our family will not be separated anymore after finding them…”

Ye Si Huang’s body stiffened as he gradually closed his eyes.

‘It seems that this reincarnation has allowed me in having a human nature…

‘I am reluctant to give up on such warm feelings for my entire life and eternity!

‘If anyone dares to try to separate Mother from me, I will definitely crush their bones into ashes!’

Mu Ru Yue currently didn’t in the slightest notice the red glint that flashed past Ye Si Huang’s eyes. She gently released them from her embrace before she turned around and walked to Ye Wu Chen’s side.

“Wu Chen, let’s leave the clean up of this matter to the Devil Sect. Let’s go…”

Ye Wu Chen nodded slightly and with his purple eyes looking gently at the girl by his side, he smiled charming and agreed, “We shall…”

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