EAA Chapter 884


Chapter 884  –Breakingthrough To The True Realm Part 6

‘All of the fame and glory at this moment would have belonged to me….’

Liu Lu had never been so jealous of anyone before in her life.

‘If I didn’t give that woman a chance of escape that year, perhaps Mu Ru Yue wouldn’t be born…’


Similarly, at this moment, a group of people was dashing rapidly over through the sky, heading to the Dou family.

It had already been ages since he saw Mu Ru Yue. He became stirred up when he thought about their imminent reunion.

Ye Si Huang couldn’t help but crease his beautiful eyebrows as he looked at the excited expression on Zi Qian Jing’s face and asked, “That woman said your Mother has come here?”

The woman he was referring to was naturally Zi Shao.

“Mhm!” Zi Qian Jing nodded slightly as he explained, “My Mother is an exceptionally outstanding woman. It has already been ages since I saw her. Aunt had previously told me that she has arrived in the Devil City and have some conflicts with the Devil Sect. Hence, I must rush over to meet her!”

Ye Si Huang glared at Zi Qian Jing in slight displease as gloominess was fully expressed on his jade carved-like face.

“My Mother is the most outstanding person in the world! Nobody can match up to her!”

Zi Qian Jing chose not to comment on Ye Si Huang’s remark but he was sure that there wouldn’t be anyone in this world that could be more outstanding than his Mother…

“Brat, scram out for This Emperor!’ Ye Si Huang’s expression turned grim as he ordered loudly in fury.

Following that, the crowd of people of the Devil Sect that were following behind them saw their previous head running compliantly to Ye Si Huang’s side with a flattery smile on his face.

“Lord, what orders may you have?”

Ye Si Huang asked gloomily, “What has happened between the Dou family and the Devil Sect?”

“I… I’m not sure about this.” Tian Mo glanced timidly at Ye Si Huang and explained weakly, “I had never bothered to ask about the power of the subordinates in the Devil Sect. Hence, it had always been taken care of by the elders in the sect…”

Tian Mo indeed was unaware of what happened.

‘How can I find the time to care about what happened with that Dou family? I just don’t know who is the bastard that dares to seek trouble with Mister Zi’s Mother.

‘Mister Zi and this devil are in cahoot. My life will reach its end if I provoked him.

‘Even if he currently hasn’t recovered the might he had in his previous life, half of my body will most probably be disabled even if I manage to keep my life after he summons that Hell Dragon again. The Hell Dragon is an undefeatable existence even in the Supreme Realm unless I become a half-god…’

“I will settle this debt with you later!” Ye Si Huang glared at Tian Mo as he shouted, “Immediately scram away from This Emperor now!”

Tian Mo was so terrified by him that he almost peed his pants. He hastily retreated a couple of steps without any hesitation, keeping an appropriate distance away from that devil…

The elder looked coldly at the girl before him in mid-air within the Dou family. He suppressed his anger and sneered. With his chin raised, he commented arrogantly, looking down upon Mu Ru Yue, “Little girl, it seems I’ve really belittled you. But so what? I’m a person of the Devil Sect. Do you think you can make a move on me? The head of our Devil Sect is a Supreme Realm expert. You won’t be his match even if there’s a hundred of you!”

“Is that so?” Mu Ru Yue smiled coldly as she continued, “What if I am adamant in wanting to kill you?”

“Haha!” Shi Hua laughed brazenly. With killing intent fully expressed in his eyes, he proclaimed, “You just have to wait in having your life pursued by the Devil Sect. They won’t stop until you die!”

The elder had once again released his grandeur when he said the last sentence, looking at Mu Ru Yue without fear.

‘She definitely won’t dare to oppose the Devil Sect no matter how much guts she may have!’

“But… I can be merciful in sparing your life if you apologize to me, kneel down to your knees and call me ‘grandfather’ a couple of times, and lastly, swear your loyalty and devotion to me!”

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  1. Son is coming for his mother. I want to see Shi Hua’s arrogance claiming to be of the Devil Sect. Let’s see how you will react to the group of Devil Sect and its leader knocking on your doorstep asking for damages.

  2. Benar sekali Ye shi Huang & Zi qiang adlh anak Mu Rue yue & Ye Wu lahir beda era. Dan Auntie Zhuo
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