EAA Chapter 883


Chapter 883 –Breakingthrough To The True Realm Part 5

A lot of people would be shocked to death if they were to hear about the existence of such a young True Realm expert! Yet, this abnormality was standing before them…

Dou Lin widened his large eyes with his gaze filled with astonishment.

‘Even if it is me, I can only reach the True Realm at my age. I’m still far from reaching the Spiritual Realm…

‘Yet, she is only in her early twenties.’


‘If I didn’t personally see the birth of a True Realm expert that hasn’t even reached thirty of age, I won’t be able to believe that such a talent exists in this world.’

Liu Lu’s expression changed completely with her fists clenched so tightly that they trembled.

‘She was previously able to push back the head of the Dou family that was at the True Realm as a Heaven Realm martial practitioner. Does this mean that Lord Shi Hua is no longer her match?’

Dou Wei Wei hastily covered her lips with her hands trembling slightly.

Shock was expressed in her eyes while her gaze had never left Mu Ru Yue…

‘I originally thought this girl will be defeated quickly.

‘Yet, who knew she will be able to break through at such a time?! It will be even more difficult in killing her now…’

“This little girl is really abnormal.”

Dou Yi Jun shook his head while smiling bitterly.

‘It’s no mystery why Ye Wu Chen allowed her to battle by herself. It is due to him having an absolute trust in her. That trust made him strongly believe that Mu Ru Yue won’t be in a critically endangered…’

Ye Wu Chen’s expression didn’t change at all since the start. His purple eyes that were filled with tenderness had stayed focused on the magnificent girl in midair.

Flames of jealousy erupted in Dou Wei Wei’s heart when she saw his gentle gaze.

She then stared at Mu Ru Yue and commented, “It is just her luck!”

No matter what, Dou Wei Wei would never admit that she was jealous of her!

Everyone shifted their gazes at Dou Wei Wei at that instant with the intense mockery in their eyes. It was as if they were mocking her in not knowing the immensity of the heaven and earth…

Luck? If she had that capability, why didn’t she prove to them in having the same achievement as Mu Ru Yue with just luck?

How could luck help in her reaching the True Realm at such a tender age?

“I… think I know something about her…”  

Yet, a cautious voice was heard from among the crowd.

“I’ve heard about her when I was within the City of Chaos.”

The person that said that was a branch disciple of the Dou family. He initially went to the City of Chaos to watch the battles, out of curiosity. However, he couldn’t participate in the competition so he wasn’t qualified to personally watch the battles. However, everything that had happened in the competition entered their ears after it ended…

“She is known as Mu Ru Yue. She had wore white robes while being accompanied with a man that have a pair of purple eyes in the City of Chaos. I originally thought it was just a coincidence. But now, I’m certain that she was indeed that person from the might she had displayed!”  

The people that were beside him couldn’t help but look at him as they heard what he said.

“What did she do?”

“She…” With an amazed gaze, he revealed, “She had previously participated in the alchemy competition within the City of Chaos. She had not only managed to break through the tenth floor of the Alchemy Tower, but she also refined a Heaven Stage Mid Rank pill during the competition!”


Everyone was stupefied from the revelation, as though thunders had sounded directly above their heads.

It was especially so for Dou Lin. His internal organs had turned green from regret.

‘If I knew that she was that capable, I wouldn’t have chosen to make that previous decision no matter what…’

It was, however, a pity that no matter how remorseful he was, it was already too late for salvation…

“A Heaven Stage Mid Rank alchemist…”

Li Lu shut her eyes in pain with the hatred in her heart for that woman intensified.

‘If that woman didn’t snatch the head of the family away from me, this girl perhaps will be my biological granddaughter.’

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  2. ‘If that woman didn’t snatch the head of the family away from me, this girl perhaps will be my biological granddaughter.’

    Hahahgahahahah Liu Lu this isn’t how genetics work? No matter what the descendants you have they’ll probably be super plain like you. Besides aren’t you infertile or something… I seem to remember that you can’t have kids.

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