EAA Chapter 882


Chapter 882 –Breakingthrough To The True Realm Part 4

Ye Wu Chen was currently staring at the two people battling in midair.

He had a tremendously grim expression on his handsome face. The Devil Snare’s pattern on his face gave off a sinister glow. Killing intent glimmered in his purple eyes as he clenched his fist tightly, forcefully suppressing his urge to help Mu Ru Yue…

‘In other man’s eyes, women are just accessory. They just needed to hide behind a man’s back during a crisis.

‘No matter if it was girl or guy, it was just an ordinary way of life.


‘Women are naturally born to be protected.

‘Yet, this niece of mine is an exception. She didn’t want anyone to protect her, using her own two hands to support the ginormous sky for her family.

‘Yet, how much love this man has for her in allowing her to do whatever she pleased, even if it is unbearable?’

Dou Yi Jun lamented inwardly.

‘This couple is indeed impossible to be compared to the common populace…’

“Yue Er…”

He raised his gaze to look at the girl in midair with a trace of peculiar glow that flashed past his eyes.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

A constant collision of weapons could be seen in midair. Mu Ru Yue drew her Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword. A ray of light was shot through the sky, forming into an enormous tempest before striking at Shi Hua with an alarming grandeur.

Shi Hua snorted coldly, thinking nothing about it. The sword that was floating horizontally before him split into numerous swords. A wall of swords seemed to have been erected before him, blocking that alarming wave of flames. Those flames were then rebounded back to Mu Ru Yue.

Nobody noticed that Mu Ru Yue’s eyes lit up for an instant at that moment…

Dou Wei Wei became anxious as she stared at the magnificent appearance under the glow of the flames with an intense glow glimmering beneath her eyes.

‘It is guaranteed that the girl will die now!’

She was unable to suppress her impulse to laugh brazenly. Her laughs were filled  with arrogance and contentment as she stared malevolently at her.

The flames that covered the entire sky instantly drowned Mu Ru Yue’s body within it.


Dou Yi Jun’s eyes split wide-open as he hollered with all his might. He looked at Shi Hua with bloodshot eyes as killing intent was abruptly released from his body.

‘It’s them!

‘They killed my niece!’

His body shuddered as though he could no longer suppress his heartfelt despair and sorrow, transforming them into overwhelming flames of fury…

“Has she died?”

Dou Lin fell back to his seat with mixed feelings in his heart.

‘This girl is my blood-related family member no matter what. Hence, how can I be happy as I watch her being killed under my eyes…

‘However, I was forced to make that decision for benefits…’

Dou Yi Jun roared in fury, wanting to dash toward Shi Hua. However, a hand held tightly on his shoulder just when he was about to give in to his impulse.

Dou Yi Jun’s body couldn’t move in the slightest under the hand’s might. He hastily shifted his gaze to the owner of that hand, a handsome and charming face entered his eyes.


Dou Yi Jun’s heart shuddered and he couldn’t help but follow to see what that man was looking at. He got a fright at that glance…

The flames seemed to be being absorbed by something, gradually diminishing. A snow-white figure was then quickly revealed. Following that, a tyrannical aura burst forth in the sky, expanding in the sky.

“True Realm!”

Everyone gasped as they looked in disbelief at Mu Ru Yue. They were all thinking that their eyes were playing tricks on them at that instant, unable to get back to their senses for a prolonged period of time…

She had broken through?

Moreover, it was to the True Realm…

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