EAA Chapter 877


Chapter 877 –Revealing The Identity Part 7

Liu Lu’s heart trembled slightly. The coldness of her lowered eyes gradually surged forth.

‘I didn’t expect that this brat will know my genuine identity.

‘But so what I already have all of the Dou family’s power in my hands so I no longer need to be fearful of these people…’

Dou Lin currently wasn’t paying attention to Liu Lu’s expression so he glared furiously at Dou Yi Jun and chided him, “Stinky brat, immediately apologise to your Mother!”


Dou Yi Jun snorted coldly as he rebuked, “She isn’t my Mother! My Mother had already died while she is my Mother’s killer!”

An unprecedented fury appeared in his eyes. He chuckled bitterly after a long time.

“Even though I got ambushed and was injured during this period of time of my return, I have an overall understanding of this woman’s power! Liu Lu, I’ve ordered my men to destroy your base that is located outside of this manor! If you are still adamant in impostering my Mother, let’s do a blood test by dripping our blood in a bowl in order to prove whether you are my Mother or not!1

‘I originally dislike gathering loyalties in the past. But I had chosen to gather all of the people that were loyal and devoted to the Dou family but has been suppressed by Liu Lu all these years after my return to the Dou family in order to analyse Liu Lu’s power, destroying those powers.’


Liu Lu chuckled heavily with a derisive smirk on her face.

“Dou Yi Jun, how did you know about that?”

Dou Lin couldn’t believe his eyes as he shifted his gaze to the woman beside him. She had a sinister expression on her face with gray-white hairs…

Her expression was so foreign that it made his heart shudder.

“What is going on?”

Dou Lin shouted heavily with sorrow in his eyes.

“Head, I indeed really love you greatly, but the love for the power in my hand triumphs over my feelings for you during these years.” Liu Lu raised her head to look at Dou Yi Jun and with a cold smile on her face, she mocked, “Do you really think you have diminished all my power? My backer is the Devil Sect. This Dou family will always be mine for as long as the Devil Sect exists. Haha!

Liu Lu laughed brazenly. Her white hair that fluttered along with the wind enhanced her sinister expression…

Dou Lin’s expression turned pale-white with his heart shuddering.

‘I really can’t believe what I’ve just heard at this instant!

‘This woman that I’ve loved all these years is actually an imposter! On the other hand, my own wife has been murdered…’

His heart brimmed with agony upon thinking about that. It was as if a hand had ripped his heart in pieces without mercy, unbearably painful…

Dou Kui already knew about this so there wasn’t a change in his expression. On the other hand, Dou Wei Wei that was by his side was scared witless, unable to come back to her senses.

Dou Lin asked in a trembling voice, “Why did you do that?!”

“You ask me why?” Liu Lu sniggered as she explained, “Isn’t it all due to her being the best woman in this island? She is similarly the top beauty of the Eastern Island while my looks are ordinary, unable to enter your eyes! More importantly, when she knew I wanted to marry you as your concubine, she criticized me greatly. Since the two of you treated me in such a fashion, why should I continue to suffer for the both of you?! Dou Lin, she is a highly prideful woman so if she knows that her man has been interacting with her murderer for a couple of decades in the netherworld, she won’t ever forgive you even in death. Hahaha!”  

Dou Lin’s body shuddered tremendously.

‘I was led by the nose by her due to my absolute trust in her. I’ve gotten an impulse to smack myself hard a couple of times when I think about that now.’

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  1. Miki: It is an ancient inaccurate, non-scientific blood testing as if the two blood drops, one from each of them, fused into one blood spot, it means they are related to each other but if the two blood dissipated or doesn’t fuse into one, it will mean that they aren’t related to each other. However, with a slight BG of modern genetics, you will know that the blood type of mother and child might not be the same due to the fusion of the blood type with the dad.

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