EAA Chapter 876


Chapter 876 –Revealing The Identity Part 6

“Head, she is slandering me…” Liu Lu continued to say pitifully with teary eyes, “I had accompanied you for so many years. Will you really suspect me as your wife due to an outsider’s words?”

Perhaps it was due to skin transplantation that Liu Lu’s face didn’t have the slightest change since many years ago. Hence, her appearance didn’t lose the slightest beauty even if she had gray hair.

Dou Lin’s originally suspicion-filled heart calmed down when he looked at his beloved woman.

“Lady Mu, I am really grateful for you saving my son. But it doesn’t represent that you can ruin my family! First, you injured Wei Wei and now, you are slandering my wife! Liu Lu had an ordinary appearance so how can she be comparable to my wife? How can I also not discover it if she is using a Disguise Pill?!”


‘Any alchemist will be able to easily see through the Disguise Pill. Since nobody, up to today, suspected her, she must be my beloved Madam.

‘Moreover, the feeling I’ve gotten when being in bed with her has always felt the same as the first time…’

“What if it is a transplanted skin?”

Mu Ru Yue narrowed her eyes slightly as she looked coldly at him.

When Dou Lin heard about that, he burst out in laughs. “Haha! That is just impossible! How can people transplant skin on their face?”

‘That matter indeed isn’t easy to accomplish, but it is doable…

‘One would have to completely disfigure their face before using another person’s face on their own. It can be seen that Liu Lu indeed pay a hefty price in order to marry Dou Lin…

‘But so what?

‘She will never be able to atone for the damage she had done to Grandmother and Mother…’

“Someone!” Dou Lin’s expression turned grim. “Toss this slandering wretch out of here!”

Ye Wu Chen raised his arm to pull Mu Ru Yue into his embrace as he saw the crowd heading aggressively toward them. A trace of killing intent glimmered in his charming eyes.


Yet, an angry holler was heard from behind. When the crowd shifted their head, they saw a figure heading over to them under the sunlight.

Dou Yi Jun shifted his gaze to Mu Ru Yue, briskly walking toward her. With worry in his eyes, “Yue Er, have they done anything to you?”

Mu Ru Yue shook her head as she cast a glacial gaze to Dou Lin.

“Father, what are you doing?” Dou Yi Jun was so enraged that he clenched his fists so tightly that they trembled with disappointment in his eyes.

‘I am really let down by this old man this time…’

“Jun Er, step down now!” Dou Lin’s expression turned grim as he chided, “This girl not only insulted your niece, but she also slandered your Mother as being impostered by a maidservant Liu Lu. She definitely won’t have any good intention of getting close to you!”

Dou Yi Jun chuckled bitterly. His tightly clenched fist gradually relaxed.

“I am clear as to what kind of person Yue Er is so I don’t need you to tell me about that. Moreover…” Dou Yi Jun shifted his head to Liu Lu before he continued, “She is indeed not my Mother!”


Dou Lin slammed his fist hard on the table and with expression turned ashen, he lamented, “Jun Er, your Mother had raised you up all these years. How could you casually believe the words of a stranger and slander your Mother today? Don’t you know how heartache she will be? It can’t be that your Mother can’t match up to an outsider, right?”

Dou Yi Jun burst out in laughter. With his disappointment intensified, he replied, “I only hate myself for being unable to seek revenge for Mother…”

He shifted his head to Liu Lu, killing intent instantly filled his eyes. A sword-like sharp aura was currently being fully released from his body…

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