EAA Chapter 871


Chapter 871  –Revealing The Identity Part 1

The sinister cold aura circled his body, making Dou Wei Wei feel as though she was suddenly placed in an icehouse. Her heart shuddered at this moment, the fire in her eyes gradually vanished…

That’s right!

She had never met with a man that could be this cold. He could make her body shiver from just a glance. Her face currently was alarmingly pale…

The man parted his lips slightly to spit out a word, “Scram!”



The sinister aura expanded from his body at that moment, striking mercilessly on Dou Wei Wei’s chest. Her body was abruptly sent flying backward, colliding on an ancient tree.

The pain from her waist nearly made her tear. Yet, she raised her teary eyes to look at the handsome face with affection.

‘If I was only infatuated with him due to the man’s appearance at the start, I’m completely captivated now…

‘He is like an Asura God, carrying a mighty yet sinister cold aura with each of his every move.

‘Isn’t this kind of man someone I’ve been waiting for all these years? Any man’s heart is soft. It will be really simple for them to fall for any girl that treats them gently. If I were to change my tactics, perhaps he will quickly accept me…

‘This kind of man will never betray the girl that he had fallen in love with!’

“Young mistress.”

The crowd was alarmed that their complexion paled. If something was to happen to the young mistress, the Madam would unquestionably not forgive them…

“I’m alright.” Dou Wei Wei shook her head as she looked infatuated at Ye Wu Chen. With a slight beautiful smile on his face, she invited, “Mister, I was too impolite just now. How about I invite you to my room tonight as an apology to Mister, personally cooking for you?”

I had to be known Dou Wei Wei had been spoilt since young. Hence, since she was willing to say such words, her determination could be seen. She believed that there wouldn’t be a man that could ignore an invitation by a beauty…

“Mu Er, let’s go.”

Ye Wu Chen seemed to not have heard Dou Wei Wei’s words. His purple eyes shifted to the girl by his side. His smile was gentle with his purple eyes brimmed with affection.

Mu Ru Yue nodded. They didn’t even look at Dou Wei Wei anymore after that first glance.

Dou Wei Wei finally remembered about that girl by Ye Wu Chen’s side. A ball of fury blazed in her heart when she saw his affectionate smile, looking at Mu Ru Yue with a malevolent gaze.

“Who the hell do you think you are? Don’t you think that you can stay in the Dou family due to treating my Uncle!” Dou Wei Wei continued furiously, “Currently, the young master of the Dou family is my Father. I will now order someone to chase you out of here!”

‘What can this girl be compared to me other than her appearance?

‘I’m a pearl in the palm of the Dou family. I’m greatly superior to this girl in several aspects!’

Ye Wu Chen’s expression became increasingly gloomy. He narrowed his purple eyes that were filled with intense tempest. Just as he wanted to head forth to deal with her, a hand was gradually placed on his hand.

Mu Ru Yue raised her gaze with a slight smile on her impeccable face. She slowly released Ye Wu Chen’s hand, smilingly heading toward Dou Wei Wei.

“What did you say?”

The girl’s voice was as gentle as the wind. Her words were like a breeze to the ear.

Dou Wei Wei lifted her head arrogantly as she said with disdain, “A bitch like yourself isn’t worthy to step a foot into our Dou family’s territory!”


Mu Ru Yue suddenly slapped her face. Her head momentarily tilted to a side, a trail of blood gradually trickled down from the corner of her lip.

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