EAA Chapter 868


Chapter 868 –Xiao Yue and Xiao Bai’s Disappearance Part 5

“Uncle, consume this pill.”

Mu Ru Yue pushed a pill into Dou Yi Jun’s mouth. His complexion gradually regained its rosiness after the pill entered his mouth. He then called out with a hoarse voice, “Yue Er…”

Mu Ru Yue creased her brows tightly as she asked, “Uncle, can you tell me what happened? Where has Xiao Yue and Xiao Bai go…”

Dou Yi Jun shook his head and replied, “I don’t know. I was previously ambushed by a couple black-robed people. I wasn’t their match so I was severely wounded. As for your demon beasts, I don’t know where they are now…”


Mu Ru Yue’s heart shuddered as she slowly closed her eyes. Her expression suddenly changed.


She coughed out a mouthful of blood.

“Mu Er!”

Ye Wu Chen was so shocked that his expression turned gravely pale. He hastily lifted his hand to embrace the girl’s body. With his purple eyes filled with concern, he asked, “What happened?”

“Xiao Yue and Xiao Bai…” Mu Ru Yue’s body trembled slightly as she continued, “Something happened to them!”

‘I’ve originally planned to use the contract with them to find their location. Yet, my contract with them was forcefully severed, resulting in me spitting out a mouthful of blood…

‘That person is really powerful!’

“Mu Er,” Ye Wu Chen embraced her shoulder, distressed. “Since they forcefully severed your contract to them, it will mean that someone doesn’t want you finding them! In other words, they won’t be in danger.”

Mu Ru Yue’s eyelashes trembled slightly as she lowered her gaze. “I shouldn’t have let them leave my side. Otherwise, such a matter wouldn’t have occurred…”

‘If they didn’t leave, how can they go missing? All in all, it is due to me not thinking through…’

“I will accompany you in finding them after we settle the matters with Uncle.” When Ye Wu Chen saw Mu Ru Yue’s current condition, his heart ached immensely. “I will seek them out even if it means rummaging through the entire Eastern Island!”

The man’s expression was incredibly domineering at this instant, a sinister cold aura enveloped his body.

“Wu Chen.”

Mu Ru Yue’s body shuddered as she closed her eyes from slight exhaustion.

She then suddenly opened her eyes. With a glacial aura emitting from her eyes, she said, “What you said is right! Since that person broke our contract, it means that they won’t be in danger! I will head out to find them after guaranteeing Uncle’s safety!”

Dou Yi Jun parted his lips but he was at a loss of what to say. Guilt brimmed in his heart.

‘If it wasn’t to protect me, Mu Ru Yue wouldn’t have arranged two of her demon beasts to stay by his side…

‘Thus, I am similarly a culprit regarding their disappearance.’

Dou Lin couldn’t hear any sound from within the room for a long time. He was indecisive for a moment before deciding to push open the room’s door. When Liu Lu saw his action, she frowned slightly but followed him into the room with anxiousness.

Her eyes met with a pair of derisive eyes the instant she entered the room. The man shot a cold gaze at Liu Lu. That gaze seemed to be able to see through everything, making her heart to skip a beat…

‘Can it be he knew that it was my doing? No! It is certainly impossible. He will never be able to know that!’

But what shocked Liu Lu, even more, was that Dou Yi Jun’s Parasite Poison had disappeared!

Liu Lu’s expression changed instantly as she looked gloomily at Mu Ru Yue…

“Jun Er!” When Dou Lin saw that Dou Yi Jun was completely fine, he was jubilant. He hastily went forth and sized him up before he commented, “Jun Er, your injuries…”

Dou Yi Jun shook his head and replied, “It is all thanks to Yue Er. I’m already fine. My body has more or less completely recovered…”

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