EAA Chapter 859


Chapter 859 –Close Relatives Meet Each Other Part 4

Gradually, Wei Yue’s expression had brimmed with despair.

‘Can it be after my son and daughter-in-law had died, I will have to witness another death of my younger generation?’


Suddenly, a strong gale blew over from within the hall of the Wei family, forcing Lin Feng to retreat a couple steps back.


A middle-aged man moved in a flash to stand before Wei Zi Fang, holding onto the youth’s shoulder. He then frowned slightly before shifting his gaze to Lin Feng who had a huge change in his expression.

He released his grip on Wei Zi Fang’s shoulder before walking toward Lin Feng.

Lin Feng could feel a pressure coming over to him at that instant…

“Dou Yi Jun!”

‘Dou Yi Jun is the nephew of this old man Wei Yue, the young master of the Dou family. Why is this fella here?’

Lin Feng clenched his fist tightly with glimmers dancing in his eyes.

“Did your Lin family really kill my cousin and his wife?” Dou Yi Jin raised his gaze to look at Lin Feng. His gaze was extremely glacial with a mighty aura indistinctly leaking out from his body.

“A True Realm expert!”

Lin Feng took in a deep breath. A True Realm Expert wasn’t an opponent that he could match up to…  

“You still chose to appear in the end.”

Wei Yue smiled bitterly as he sighed helplessly.

Dou Yi Jun didn’t respond to his comment and just looked coldly at Lin Feng. Two figures gradually appeared when he was walking step by step heavily toward Lin Feng…

The two elders were in embroidered robes with white beards. One of them had an oppressing cold gaze with an expressionless face while the other’s expression was as gloomy as a storm, carrying a sinister cold grandeur.

Wei Yue’s expression changed instantly upon identifying them.

“Young master, you should have your fun now. Quickly return.” Wu Jun (no honor) glanced coldly at Dou Yi Jun as he said that in a serious tone.

“Tian Ling (heaven approach) and I have come to retrieve you back to the Dou family on the order of the Madam!”

Dou Yi Jun frowned slightly as he looked at the two elders in mid-air. He then said, “You are to return and tell her that I will never return to the Dou family from now on!”

Hmph!” Tian Ling snorted coldly as he continued in a gloomy tone, void of any respect toward Dou Yi Jun, “This isn’t up to you. It is by the order of the Madam. Even if I have to knock you out, I will bring you back to the Dou family.

“This kind of place such as the Wei family isn’t worthy for you to be interacting with, as the young master of the Dou family! They are heartless. It was especially so when they announced in severing the connection of father and daughter’s bond right after the previous head of the Wei family passed away. They are people that don’t care about familial bond. The sole reason why they are treating you well is due to your identity as the young master of the Dou family! They need to suck up to you for their survival!”

Dou Yi Jun sneered as he rebuked, “I’m not a brat in his twenties that is wet behind the ears. I’ve my own judgement. Moreover, if it wasn’t for maternal grandfather, how can the Dou family flourish to its current state?”

‘The previous head of the Wei family was a Spiritual Realm expert. He was already the top expert within the Wei family at that time.

‘The Dou family was still a negligible small aristocratic family during that period of time.

‘It was precisely due to his help that the Dou family had flourished to such an extent. Yet, once the Dou family had just developed, the relationship between mother and the Wei family became tense. It even led to angering maternal grandfather so much that it led to his death. Following that, uncle was ambushed by an expert, resulting in him being severely wounded and unable to continue improving in his cultivation…

‘Hence, he is still a Heaven Realm Martial practitioner after so many years!’

“It seems that this Wei family had really brainwashed you, making you protect them to such an extent!” Wu Zun snorted coldly as he continued, “I can only execute Madam’s order in forcefully dragging you back to the Dou family then!”


Swish! Swish! Swish!

The two figures soared through the sky, charging toward Dou Yi Jun, who was on the ground, like thunderbolts. With Dou Yi Jun’s current might, it would be slightly difficult for him in dealing with two True Realm experts at the same time…

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