EAA Chapter 858


Chapter 858 –Close Relatives Meet Each Other Part 3

“Wei Zi Fang, Mu Ru Yue isn’t here now. I will see who will be able to save you now!” He snorted coldly as he mocked arrogantly, “You need a girl to save you. How can it be said to be your capability? You are just a useless coward!”

Wei Zi Fang clenched his fist so tightly that it crackled. He could no longer suppress his impulse and punched Lin Ye’s head.


Lin Ye was sent flying backward, blood instantly flowed down from his head.



Lin Feng was instantly enraged. With intense fury burning in his eyes, he said, “Good! Very good! You dare to injure my son. You must pay the price! Someone, capture and beat this brat up good!”

‘If I don’t kill him, it will be too hard to appease the fury that is burning in my heart!’

Wei Yue hastily gripped onto Wei Zi Fang’s hand, pulling him behind him as he saw the crowd dashing aggressively at his grandson. A trace of cold ray of light flashed past his eyes.

Wei Yei raised his hand to hold onto one of the assailants’ weapon.


He kicked him away. Following that, he raised his leg to kick toward the other assailants. His mighty grandeur gradually evoked fear in people’s heart.


Lin Feng snorted coldly. He moved in a flash toward Wei Yue. He struck a fist that was coated with a layer of flames onto Wei Yue’s chest.

Wei Yue was forced to retreat a couple of steps back. With his complexion turn ashen, he said, “Heaven Realm!”

‘Lin Feng has already broken through to the Heaven Realm!

‘We are at the same cultivation now…’

“Zi Fang, quickly go!”

Wei Yue hastily shouted at his grandson that was behind him, “There will still be hope for our Wei family if you go now. Quickly leave!”

‘The Lin family originally have a Heaven Realm Martial practitioner. Now that Lin Feng has also broken through to the Heaven Realm, I’m no longer a match for the Lin family.

‘It seems that the heavens want my death this time.

‘But if my grandson can escape this ordeal, perhaps there may still be hope for the Wei family…’


Wei Zi Fang’s expression was resolute as he stared coldly at the faces of the Lin family when he said, “I definitely won’t go!”

“Quickly leave!”

Wei Yue hardened his heart as he raised his hand to sent Wei Zi Fang flying backward. Determination and resolution were expressed in his eyes at this moment.

‘I must maintain the last bloodline of the Wei family no matter what…’


Lin Feng laughed brazenly before he revealed a gruesome truth, “Wei Yue, you are too naive. Do you think I will let any of your Wei family leave? Oh right, haven’t you been curious as to how your son and daughter-in-law died? I shall reveal it to you then. Both of them had died under my father’s hand ten years ago. Who told them to have such outstanding innate talents? I would be really uneasy if they didn’t die. Furthermore, Wei Zi Fang that has inherited their innate talents similarly became our target to kill. It’s a pity that we always had missed the chance…”

Wei Yue’s body swayed with the complexion of his elderly face turning gravely pale.

‘So my son and daughter-in-law’s death was killed by them!’

Intense sorrow and fury raged in Wei Yue’s heart. Yet, a ray of light shot toward Lin Feng when he wanted to strike at Lin Feng again.

“I will kill all of you to avenge for my parent’s death!”


There was an unprecedented hatred seething in Wei Zi Fang’s heart!

‘Those damnable bastards actually killed my parents! It had led to me having nightmares daily in my childhood and also grandfather’s death!’

“Zi Fang!”

Wei Yue’s heart tightened as he hollered with all his might.

“Wei Zi Fang, you are seeking death this time!” Lin Feng narrowed his eyes slightly with a trace of killing intent that glimmered in his eyes.


His entire body’s aura pressured over to Wei Zi Fang.

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