EAA Chapter 856


Chapter 856 –Close Relatives Meet Each Other Part 1

Mu Ru Yue, who was standing in mid-air, looked at the man by her side and said with a slight smile, “Wu Chen, we are reaching the Wei family now. We had been delayed for quite sometimes along the way. I don’t know how the family is doing now.”

The man smiled charmingly. His purple robes enveloped his slender figure within.

With his purple eyes filled with gentle warm love, he replied, “Mu Er, we will be there soon. You will be able to see your family at that time…”

‘My bloodline with the Wei family had decreased at my generation, but they are mother’s family after all. Hence, I can’t just ignore them.’


Their speed increased again when the Wei City entered their sight…

An elder had creased brows within the Wei family. It was unknown how many times he had signed already. Wei Zi Fang that was standing by his side didn’t say anything, unknown as to what he was thinking…

“Zi Fang, how much Wei family’s asset had we lost?”

Wei Zi Fang lowered his gaze as he answered, “The Lin family had essentially taken in all of them already!”

The current Wei family had already deteriorated. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have participated in that competition. Yet, he chose to leave that place due to being displeased by those two powers…

However, the state of the Wei family had been deteriorating to the point of being unable to function properly…  

“Grandfather, how about I go and find Great Aunt? Maybe she…”

“Don’t you even mention her to me!”

Wei Yue’s (maintain exceed) expression instantly turned grim. Fury blazed in his eyes.

“If it isn’t for her, do you think that the Lin family will be that daring in starting to take over our assets?”

‘I definitely won’t let that woman off!

‘If it wasn’t for her, how could father die so prematurely?’

Wei Zi Fang remained silent.

‘The Lin family has been increasingly treating the Wei family terribly ever since I returned. There is also an undeniable link between them acting so brazenly with Great Aunt.

‘I don’t understand. I heard from father that grandfather and Great Aunt previously had a really close relationship. Why is this happening then for Great Aunt to want to deal with the Wei family without caring for their past relationship?’


Suddenly, a voice was heard from outside the room.

Wei Yue became elated as he raised his head to look at who had come. A light glimmer gathered in his eyes.

He was about forty to fifty years of age. He was extremely handsome and energetic. It was probably due to taking great care of his body that he seemed only about thirty-year-old. His appearance was somewhat similar to Madam Sheng Yue’s.

“Yi Jun, you’re here.”

“Uncle, what has been going on with the Wei family?”

Dou Yi Jun (hole monarch) frowned slightly as he commented, “The Wei family doesn’t seem to be faring well judging by the current situation…”


Wei Yue sighed heavily and with a bitter smile, he explained, “Isn’t all this due to that mother of yours? From what I had discovered, the Lin family started being ruthless to the Wei family after having some interactions with the Dou family. I’m afraid if this continues, the Wei family won’t continue to exist…”   

Dou Yi Jun’s expression gradually turned gloomy. A layer of gloom covered his handsome face.

“Why is she doing this?”

In Dou Yi Jun’s childhood memory, his mother had always been extremely filial and greatly respected her brother and elders. Yet, she became so foreign after giving birth to his younger sister.

‘I clearly remember that mother’s personality had changed completely after giving birth to my younger sister. She not only angered maternal grandfather to his death, but she also didn’t care about the Wei family. Currently, she has also been discreetly supporting the Lin family in dealing with the Wei family…

‘Moreover, I currently also don’t know where my newborn little sister is!’

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