EAA Chapter 855


Chapter 855  –Competition Ends And Departure Part 8

Qiancheng Yan’s words were akin to throwing an enormous mountain into the originally rocky ocean, instantly giving birth to a perilous situation.

This time, it was not only Qing Yue that was enraged, but Wu Wen was also similarly enraged.

The talent that they had been wholeheartedly trying to recruit was being pushed away from the sect? These two bastards were really too gutsy!



Chuan Gu was so terrified that he lost his strength to stay standing, directly kneeling down. He pleaded while wailing, “Elder Qing Yue, please spare me my life!”

“Spare your life?” Qing Yue snorted coldly, “Now, you know to beg for your life! Why did you do this when you know it was wrong?

“I had sought for Qiancheng Yan and Mu Ru Yue straight after the Martial Competition had ended. Qiancheng Yan finally agreed to join the sect after my sincere pleadings. Moreover, Mu Ru Yue, the person that I wanted to recruit the most, had rejected me in entering the sect! She had rejected my offer. Do you think she would care about your nomination? And what else, forever forbidding them to be recruited by the sect? Who the hell do you think you are? You are like trying to use a chicken’s feather as an arrow banner of command (symbol of military authority)!”

Qing Yue had a rather good temperament within the Alchemy Sect. Yet, he was so enraged today that he spoke crudely.

On the other hand, Wu Wen was not as enraged, but the aura being emitted from his body made the two protectors shiver in fright, almost wanting to cower by lying on the ground.  

“Qing Yue is more fortunate than me. Qiancheng Yan was already taken when I went to see them. I had even offered to give Mu Ru Yue the core disciple status, but she rejected me! Hehe!” Wu Wen chuckled heavily.

With a glacial aura being emitted from his body, he said, “It is fine for her in rejecting me as it will be good to still have a good relationship with her. We should be trying to rope in such a peerless talent, instead of becoming her enemy. Otherwise, she will be a nightmare once she matured. Moreover, she is a Heaven Stage Mid Rank Alchemist! Yet, you didn’t try to salvage the situation even after knowing that, continuing in doing whatever you want! Jing Ming, it seems you no longer want your current position!”

Jing Ming hastily knelt down. With his complexion gravely pale, he apologised with a shaky voice, “Elder Wu Wen, this subordinate knows that he was wrong. I really didn’t know that you had already tried inviting her into our sect.”

Hehe!” Wu Wen’s smile became increasingly cold as he continued, “Am I understanding it right that if I didn’t come here this time and invite her into our sect, you will be going to completely offend her?”

Jing Ming’s body shivered at this instant.

‘If I knew this is going to happen earlier on, I won’t agree to her request no matter what…’

“Elder, it has nothing to do with me. It really doesn’t.” Chuan Gu’s heart shuddered as he hastily explained, “It is her, Su Ning. It is all her fault! She bribed Jing Ming and me in dealing with Shu Ning’s friends! I… I was just not thinking straight for a moment, agreeing to her request. She is the main instigator!”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Those people that hadn’t leave momentarily shot their gazes at Su Ning at this moment. They subconsciously discussed among themselves with contempt in their eyes.

It was obvious that the crowd no longer had any good impression of Su Ning after this. Some families that were in a good business relationship with the Su family would certainly think twice about their future cooperations with them.

Moreover, Su Ning no longer needs to think about joining the two sects ever again in her life.

Su Ning was stupefied by the sudden situation. It was until Chuan Gu mentioned her name that she came back to her senses. Her complexion was gravely pale, void of any pigment. Her delicate body shuddered slightly.

‘I’m doomed! I’m completely finished this time…’

It was unexpected to Su Ning that Qiancheng Yan was already recruited by the Alchemy Sect no matter what. She even foolishly tried to bribe the two powers, creating this mess…

If she knew about this earlier, she wouldn’t choose to do this no matter what…

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