EAA Chapter 854


Chapter 854 –Competition Ends And Departure Part 7

“Everyone,” Chuan Gu cleared his throat before going to continue to say further. Yet, when he saw Qiancheng Yan walking near to him, he frowned slightly. He then said, “Why are you still here? Qiancheng Yan, I’ve already said you don’t have the qualification in entering the sect.”

‘I mustn’t let Qiancheng Yan enter the sect no matter what.’

Qiancheng Yan suddenly saw two figures nearing the group. With a mischievous glint in his eyes, he said, “Since you don’t allow me to enter, I will just have to head back to my Master. I’m also not the type of person to be thick-faced in begging you to let me enter the sect. But whatever that happens to you due to this decision won’t have anything to do with me.”

In other words, it was you that was chasing me away so you couldn’t blame me for not advising you against the decision when I did as you said.


Chuan Gu snorted coldly as he replied, “Don’t worry. I don’t need you to worry about me!”

‘If I had continued in chasing Mu Ru Yue away from being recruited into the sect after she had revealed her Heaven Stage Mid Rank might, the people of the Alchemy Sect won’t forgive me. Yet, Mu Ru Yue had said she was unwilling in joining the sect so I can’t be blamed for her not being recruited into the sect.

‘But so what if I chase you a punny Mystic Realm martial practitioner away? It can’t be that the Alchemy Sect will be enraged for you, right? It is just unthinkable!’

Chuan Gu’s face was filled with confidence.


A slap landed heavily on his face before he could voice out his thoughts.

Chuan Gu was stunned for a moment before he shifted his gaze, his eyes meeting with Qing Yue’s furious eyes. His heart shuddered as he stuttered, “Elder Qing Yue, wh-why are you here?

Hmph!” Qing Yue snorted coldly as he continued, “Can it be I can’t be here? If this old man didn’t come, can it be that you will be chasing a talent away from the Alchemy Sect? Chuan Gu, you are really gutsy! Who gave you the rights to do that?”

Qing Yue no longer look at him upon saying that. He shifted his gaze to Qiancheng Yan, going to walk toward him. Yet, a figure appeared by Qiancheng Yan’s side before he did anything.

“Mister Qiancheng, since the Alchemy Sect forbids you in entering their sect, how about joining our Martial Sect?” Wu Wen smiled slightly as he asked cordially.

Qing Yue’s expression stiffened. His anger was fueled as he glared furiously at Wu Wen and said with gritted teeth, “Wu Wen, how dare you try to snatch a person from my hand? You bastard is really seeking death! This boy has already agreed in joining my Alchemy Sect. You’re a step too late.”

“Qing Yue, you can’t blame me for this. It is your Alchemy Sect that doesn’t want him. A talent such as Mister Qiancheng shouldn’t be overlooked.”

‘Moreover, he is also Mu Ru Yue’s disciple.

‘My gut feelings tell me that this girl is certainly not simple. She is such a young Heaven Stage Mid Rank Alchemist. She may even make a final breakthrough to the Divine Stage in the future!

‘Divine Stage!’

Wu Wen took in a deep breath upon thinking about that with excitement bubbling in his heart.

The crowd was stunned.

It was especially so for Chuan Gu and Jing Ming that had unpleasant expressions on their faces. They didn’t expect that Qiancheng Yan had already agreed in entering the Alchemy Sect. He was even invited by the Alchemy Sect’s Elder Qing Yue.

Moreover, the elder of the Martial Sect wanted to take advantage of this situation to get Qiancheng Yan into the Martial Sect…

“My apologies to the two elders, but the protector of your respective sects had already declared during the recent previous night banquet that my Master and I won’t ever be allowed to enter any of the two sects. Moreover, Protector Chuan Gu mentioned that his words were the truth and that everything he said was definitely the Alchemy Sect’s decision. Since he doesn’t allow us to enter the sect, we definitely can’t enter the sect. I, Qiancheng Yan as the disciple of Master, naturally have my pride. Since he doesn’t allow me to enter the sect, I won’t enter the sect then. I can similarly learn a lot of knowledge from Master while following Master anyways.”

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  1. Both sects protectors are going to loose their positions because they chase away talent. Serves them right for being so greedy.

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