EAA Chapter 853


Chapter 853 –Competition Ends And Departure Part 6

Xiao Jing completely misunderstood what Bei Jun said. What he actually meant was that Feng Jing Tian wasn’t worthy to like Mu Ru Yue, not that Mu Ru Yue was unworthy of being loved by Feng Jing Tian.

Xiao Jing bit her lips as she finally mustered the courage to voice her feelings, “But Stepfather, I don’t want to marry elder apprentice brother.”

“I don’t think I heard you properly,” Bei Jun narrowed his eyes slightly. A sinister aura reeked from his body, he threatened, “Could you be so kind and repeat what you just said to me?!”

Xiao Jing’s heart trembled as she look up into Bei Jun’s domineering eyes. Her heartfelt emotions overpowered her usual fear for Bei Jun. Without thinking it through, she blurted out, “Stepfather, I don’t want to marry elder apprentice. The person I love is you, stepfather!”



A tyrannical power shot forth from his body, hitting Xiao Jing’s body heavily. Her body was instantly sent flying backward.


Her body crashed onto the wall behind her.

She raised her head to look at the man sitting on the dragon throne in astonishment and disbelief.

Bei Jun used his slender fingers to brush off the dust on his robe’s sleeve. He raised his right leg and stepped on the dragon throne. He lifted his gaze slightly as he looked at Xiao Jing.

With matchless arrogance in his gaze, he spat out, “You aren’t worthy!”

The man’s voice was so emotionless and devoid of warmth, making Xiao Jing’s heart shudder. Choked with emotion, she asked, “Why…”

Bei Jun looked coldly at her. Expressionless, he said, “You are incomparable to her. I, Bei Jun, will only love her in my life! As for you, you aren’t even qualified to touch her shoes. Quickly scram, now!”

A hand seemed to have mercilessly ripped Xiao Jing’s heart apart. The pain made her complexion turn pale white.

‘Lord Stepfather has always been cold, heartless, and ruthless. He would not tolerate his subordinates in making the slightest mistake. Otherwise, they would be obliterated by him.

‘Yet, he has never punished me…

‘So I originally thought I’ve held some position in Stepfather’s heart. But I didn’t expect that my position in his heart is so negligible…’

Xiao Jing suppressed the urge to cry while she clenched her fist so tightly that it trembled slightly. She gradually walked out of the room under Bei Jun’s gloomy gaze.

Her tears finally rolled out of her eyes in the end once she stepped out of the room…

Bei Jun remained unaffected as he looked at the direction where Xiao Jing had disappeared to. He only had a cold, expressionless face under the dark golden mask.

‘In my point of view, everyone is just tools!

‘Tools in helping me reach the summit of the world!’

“Mu Ru Yue,” Bei Jun lowered his gaze. He then suddenly laughed. His laugh wasn’t as arrogant as usual. It was filled with determination instead. “I will make you stand with me at the summit of the world. I will let you understand that I’m much stronger than him!”

‘I wasn’t able to get her to like me in the previous life so I could only use battles to make her remember me. Hence, everyone in the Central Region that year knew we were nemesis with our relationship even could be said to be irreconcilable!

‘But she still chose to marry another man in the end…

‘Our battles had become increasingly intense due to me wanting revenge. But I am always on the losing side no matter how many times they had teamed up against me.

‘Yet, I can’t accept it. I can’t accept her entering another man’s embrace! I’ve waited so long to see her again. I definitely won’t let go of her.

‘She must only belong to me in this life!

‘I will make every man that tries to snatch her away from me disappear from this world!’

It was dawn again.

There were already several people waiting outside of the relay station. Perhaps it was their disappointments toward those two sects that An Xi and Shu Ning rejected the offer in entering those two power on their own accord…

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