EAA Chapter 85


Chapter 85 – Madam Sheng Yue Part 2

The crowd sucked in a cold breath. They could already imagine the scene of the child being run over and becoming meat paste. They couldn’t help but sigh in pity. The adorable girl that seemed to be as tender as a bun was going to die under the hoof of the horse carriage.

However, even if they felt pity, nobody stood out to save that little bun as that horse carriage had the Qin family’s crest.

The Qin family was an alchemist clan. There was also that talented girl from that clan, Qin Fei Fei. The Qin family had always been used to being arrogant and despotic. Who would dare to go against the Qin family?

At this critical instant, a sword aura pierced through the air. Hong! The horse carriage was instantly split apart completely. A figure frantically rolled out of the horse carriage.


“Who is it? Who just made a move on this young master?”

Nobody cared about him as the way the Qin family acted was indeed too domineering after all. They always looked down on people and committed countless crimes.

That little girl turned pale. Fear was shown on her tender face. Sparkling tears welled up in her eyes, almost falling from down her face.

Suddenly, a heavenly sound could be heard from above her, causing the frantic heart of the little girl to mysteriously calm down.

The girl blinked her long eyelashes as she raised her eyes slightly to look at the person before her.

It was an elder sister. She looked really pretty, perhaps prettier than her own mother. Even though she wasn’t smiling and had a cold expression, it somehow gave off a feeling that made people want to go near her.

Mu Ru Yue heart softened when she looked at the little girl. There seemed to be some power in her blood that guided her to subconsciously save this adorable little bun.

“It’s too dangerous here. I’ll bring you home.”

Mu Ru Yue held onto the little girl’s hand with a slight raise of the lips on her exquisite face.

Seeing this attractive smile, the little girl expressed an adorable smile. “Elder sister, you’re really pretty. Qing Qing likes you.”

If I can bring this good looking elder sister home to be paired with elder brother, elder sister will be able to stay forever with the Xiao family….

“Hey! Stop right there!”

Just as they were about to turn around and leave, an arrogant holler was abruptly heard.

Mu Ru Yue glanced at the offender before icily shouting, “Scram!”

“You’re too audacious!” Qin Luo furiously shouted. “Do you know who I am? I’m the young master of the Qin family. You dare tell me to scram? Who do you think you are?! First you destroyed my horse carriage, then you insulted me. If I don’t teach you a lesson, then you won’t know why Lord Ma1 has three eyes!”

Mu Ru Yue eyes slightly narrowed and her impeccable appearance became increasingly cold. Her gaze contained an ice-cold intent.

Before she could make a move, however, a pleasant voice like soft notes was heard from behind. With a shallow smile, she said, “Oh? I don’t know why Lord Ma has three eyes. Can this mister please enlighten me on that and increase my knowledge?”

As those words were said, the sound of a jade pendant chiming was then emitting constantly.

At this instant, everyone looked behind Mu Ru Yue.

There was a white-clothed, beautiful lady. If her looks were to be described, then it would be only spoken of as devastatingly beautiful. Even though she dressed up as a madam, it still couldn’t cover up her outstanding beauty.

Her figure was graceful and filled with posture. She could captivate souls even when she didn’t intentionally try to charm people. This was the first time the crowd saw such a stunning madam.

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  1.  It ‘s a legend that someone did something wrong and digged out one of his his eyes to give it to Lord Ma as a repayment for his wrong doings. Or so I googled hahaha~

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  2. So….. that beautiful lady is Madam Sheng Yue?!

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