EAA Chapter 846


Chapter 846 –Heaven Stage Mid Rank! Husband And Wife’s Reunion Part 13

Death was so close to her…

Fortunately, the man didn’t have the time to bother with her. Hence, he shifted his gaze back to Mu Ru Yue after a short punishment. He walked in mid-air. A faint ripple appeared in the air as he walked; it was like he was walking on sea water.

“Your injuries had healed that quickly?” Mu Ru Yue’s gaze was glacial with the killing intent in her eyes remain unchanged.

The man halted his steps when he stood before Mu Ru Yue. He looked down at the girl as he proclaimed, “I’ve said that you are mine! I will get you even if I have to destroy the entire world!”


His voice was low and hoarse but filled with ruthlessness. Two golden flames burned within his dark golden pupils, determined in getting her.

‘I failed to get her in the previous life. I don’t mind destroying everything in this life, not giving her the slightest possibility of escaping from me, even if it means forcefully confining her by my side!’

“Do you think that will be possible?” Mu Ru Yue sneered.

‘I don’t know why but this man before me reminds me of Feng Jing Tian from several years ago.

‘But in comparison to Feng Jing Tian, this man is even more ruthless and tyrannical!’

The man raised his gaze. A dark ray of light flashed past his eyes. “I’ve never failed in obtaining what I desire! Thus, you will unquestionably be my woman!”

‘I definitely won’t let her go. Thus, that man must die!

‘Once he is dead, this woman will come to my side sooner or later!’

Mu Ru Yue was a little anxious. She couldn’t send the pill into the Alchemy Book to Bai Ze to treat his wounds as that man’s aura severed her connection with the Alchemy Book. Furthermore, Bai Ze that was heavily injured did not have sufficient strength in exiting the Alchemy Book, appearing before her.

Yet, if she couldn’t give Bai Ze the pill, the power that remained in his body would certainly ruin his body. Thus, she couldn’t dally any longer!

Mu Ru Yue clenched her fist tightly. She took in a deep breath, gradually closing his eyes. She then opened her eyes in the next instant. A long sword that was made from her mental power suddenly appeared before her. It soared through the sky, striking like a tempest toward that man.

The man’s gaze became increasingly gloomy. He raised his hand to dissipate that sword. Yet, Mu Ru Yue felt the pressure on her body lessened when the instant he moved his hand. She then took advantage of the breather to toss the pill into the Alchemy Book…

“You still care about that demon beast when you are powerless in defending yourself!”

How could her action be hidden from the man’s eyes? It was precisely due to that the rage in his heart intensified, gradually golden flames enveloped his body.

‘This woman cares so much for even that demon beast. Moreover, she only fought against me whenever we met in our previous life!

‘It is as though there will forever be no position of me in her heart! She even forgot about my existence now…

‘Since that’s the case, I will make her my woman tonight! I will use this most unforgettable method for her to make her remember me!’

Mu Ru Yue heaved a sigh of relief after sending the pill into the Alchemy Book. Bai Ze would at least not be in any danger.

Following that, she raised her head to look at the black-robed man before her. With a sneer, she said, “Bai Ze has done so much for me so I naturally care for him! Yet, you must have previously done something bad to me as even though I don’t know who you are, my heart surged with overflowing hatred when I saw you!”

The man’s body jolted as he lowered his gaze to look at Mu Ru Yue. “I was forced by you in doing everything that I did!”

‘That’s right, everything that I have done had been forced by this girl!

‘Thus, she can’t blame me for that…’

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