EAA Chapter 843


Chapter 843 –Heaven Stage Mid Rank! Husband And Wife’s Reunion Part 10

The crowd was either in shock or anticipating. Yet, they continued to stare at her slightly pale face.

How could it be easy in refining a Heaven Stage Mid Rank pill? Moreover, she couldn’t use the energy from the Alchemy Book at this place. Hence, she tossed an Energy Recovery Pill in her mouth…

Her previously gravely pale face rapidly became rosy again.



Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sound of collisions against the walls of the Phoenix Furnace was heard again.

Mu Ru Yue felt some pressure against her chest. That sound was like a heavy hammer striking into her heart. She suppressed the urge to spit out a mouthful of blood, her expression gradually becoming serious again.

Chuan Gu shifted his gaze at the incense that was about to burn out with a cold smile on his face as time slowly passed.

“Time is running out. Once it is time, if you still can’t refine the pill,  I will judge that you have failed in refining a pill!”

HIs voice was cold and each word that came out of his mouth entered the crowd’s ears.

“It seems that she is not going to make it.”

The crowd shook their head slightly with slight pity. If she had just given that Mundane Stage Peak Rank pill, she could have gotten a second place. Yet, she went to risk it in refining the pill again. Now, she might not even be able to get the last place of this competition…

Su Ning raised her chin arrogantly. She could already foresee the scene where she could step down on that ice-cold youthful girl.

‘I want her to kneel down and lick my toes at that time. Moreover, it will also be proof that she will always be inferior to me!’

Everyone’s gaze was focused on Mu Ru Yue. As compared to Su Ning and Chuan Gu, they wanted a miracle to happen instead…

“Are you seeing this?” Su Ning lowered her head to look at Shu Ning as she said with a cold smile, “Your friend is inferior to me! Moreover, the reason why she has fallen to such a state is all because of you seducing elder brother Jin Kai!”

‘Elder brother Jin Kai is mine. Nobody can snatch him away from me!’

An Lin that was within the crowd looked at Mu Ru Yue nervously but also excitedly.

She was currently playing the scene where Mu Ru Yue sent her flying when they met initially and Mu Ru Yue’s magnificent figure on the Martial Stage in her mind.

‘I didn’t expect that there is finally someone that can step down on her!’

An Lin finally had an impulse to raise her head and laugh brazenly. But her laugh was stuck in her throat before she could voice them out. It was like a hand that was squeezing tightly on her neck, making her complexion flush red…


Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thunders were heard, directly making a large hole appear on the roof of the arena stage. The crowd instantly saw that the sky was densely packed with purple lightning clouds…

“Purple Lightning Tribulation. It is the purple Lightning Tribulation that symbolizes Heaven Stage Mid Rank!”

Chuan Gu’s expression changed directly. Remorse filled his heart as he stared at the purple lightning clouds…

If Su Ning was a genius in being able to reach the Mundane Stage Peak Rank when she was only in her late twenties, how could they describe Mu Ru Yue’s talent in being able to reach the Heaven Stage Mid Rank at such a tender age?

‘If I knew her innate talent was this monstrous at the start, how could I choose to chase her away from the competition for some profits!

‘Su Ning’s pill was far inferior to what Mu Ru Yue could refine. I’ve also missed the chance to make a connection with such a mighty grandmaster in alchemy just for a pill…’

Momentarily, a dagger seemed to have stabbed into Chuan Gu’s heart while his complexion turned ashen from remorse…

‘I can’t ever redo what I had done.

‘I’ve also already offended her completely even if I am regretful now. I can’t do anything to redeem myself from this situation!’

He couldn’t help but hate Su Ning when he thought about that.

‘If it wasn’t her tempting me, how could I make such a major mistake that easily?

‘When those old fellows in the sect know that I had announced that the peerless talent will never be able to be recruited into the sect, how can they not skin me alive?!’

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