EAA Chapter 842


Chapter 842  –Heaven Stage Mid Rank! Husband And Wife’s Reunion Part 9

The crowd was startled. Could it be she was still going to continue competing? But what pill could she refine in just the time to burn half of an incense…

The glow of the vibrant fire shone on Mu Ru Yue’s face. Her expression was serious as she focused on the Phoenix Furnace before her. Those precious medicinal plants were dumped into the Phoenix Furnace by her, quickly a refreshing fragrance was given off from the Phoenix Furnace…


Bang! Bang! Bang!


The pills that were going to be fully formed collided against the walls of the Phoenix Furnace. It was as though they were trying to escape from the furnace. Those sounds were like heavy hammers striking on the crowd’s heart.

“The pill is going to form soon!”

Everyone’s breath tightened as they stared at Mu Ru Yue’s movement.

Mu Ru Yue stopped refining the pill after a short moment. With a raise of her hand, a pill that was enveloped by her mental power rapidly entered her palm.

The crowd felt as though their heart was being cleansed as they inhaled the faint fragrance that permeated in the air. They were strangely quiet…

“Mundane Stage Peak Realm Cleansing Pill!”


The crowd took in a mouthful of air as they looked at Mu Ru Yue in disbelief.

She was a Mundane Stage Peak Realm Alchemist? She even refined a Mundane Stage Peak Realm Pill in such a short time. She was already superior to Su Ning by the speed in refining the pill.

Su Ning’s heart shuddered at this moment. She shot dagger-like gazes at Mu Ru Yue while gritting her teeth in hatred.

“Since both of them had refined a Mundane Stage Peak Realm Pill, we shall decide who is the victor by the fusion rate and effect of the pill.”

Chuan Gu glanced coldly at Mu Ru Yue.

Anyone with some background of alchemy would be able to tell what pill Mu Ru Yue had just refined. It should be known that there were not only youthful disciples at this place, but there were also even grandmasters in alchemy.

Thus, he could not judge that what Mu Ru Yue had refined was not the Cleaning Pill.

However, only an experienced person could understand the quality of the pill. Thus, he could judge that Mu Ru Yue’s pill was inferior to Su Ning’s no matter whose pill’s quality was better.

Su Ning’s heart calmed down as she looked at Chuan Gu’s collected gaze.

‘How can I forget that Chuan Gu will never let Mu Ru Yue enter the Alchemy Sect? He can always just fake the result when determining the quality of the pill…’

But out of everyone’s expectation, Mu Ru Yue didn’t care about Chuan Gu as she powderized the pill on top of the Green Jade Root…  

When the powder landed on the Green Jade Root, a rotting stench was instantly emitted from the Green Jade Root, quickly vanishing in the air.

“What is she doing?” Chuan Gu frowned as he stared at Mu Ru Yue.

Logically speaking, she could obtain the runner-up position even if she couldn’t get the first place. Wasn’t she ruining her future by doing this then?


Following that, Mu Ru Yue lit up her flames again…

“Refining pill? She is still continuing to refine pill?”

The crowd took in a mouthful of breath.

She didn’t keep any of the Mundane Stage Peak Realm Pill after all. Could it be she would be trying to refine a Heaven Stage Pill next? How would that be possible?

Not to mention how difficult it would be to refine a Heaven Stage Low Rank Pill, she was running out of time…

“Overestimating your might!”

Chuan Gu snorted coldly with a cynical smirk. It seemed like he did not believe that she could be able to successfully refine a pill better than the Mundane Stage Peak Realm Pill in such a short time.

It really was the case of if you didn’t seek death, death wouldn’t come looking for you!

What she was doing was akin to seeking her own death…

Mu Ru Yue didn’t struggle as much as she did when she tried refining the Heaven Stage Mid Rank Heaven Return Pill again after gaining some experience in refining it previously. Yet, layers of sweat still rolled down her face even if that was the case.

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