EAA Chapter 831


Chapter 831 –Mental Power Competition Part 4

Chuan Gu’s expression became increasingly gloomy. He didn’t feel the slightest joy toward Mu Ru Yue’s innate talent.

‘My good days will be over once this little girl joins the Alchemy Sect.

‘Since I’ve already offended her, I mustn’t give her a chance to flip the table around…’

Chuan Gu’s expression turned grim upon thinking about that. An indistinct ray of light flickered in his eyes…


Su Ning had already climbed back up to her feet. But her gaze had turned increasingly sinister as she glared at Mu Ru Yue and declared, “Mu Ru Yue, I will definitely surpass you in this alchemist competition!”

‘A girl like her don’t qualify to be compared to me…’

Mu Ru Yue smirked but didn’t say anything. Yet, her gaze turned increasingly glacial, a layer of coldness enveloped her body…

There was a portion of disciples that were able to keep their medicinal plant alive after an hour’s time. Those that were disqualified was made to leave the arena stage while those that passed the elimination round were jubilant, as though they could see success nearing them…

“Following this, we shall be entering the second round of competition.” Chuan Gu continued to instruct coldly, “All of you will need to enter the Alchemy Tower for this round of competition. There are several spirit of demon beasts within the Alchemy Tower. You are strictly only allowed to use your mental power to defeat them. You aren’t allowed to use your martial power!”

The competitors looked at each other before looking back at Chuan Gu.

Chuan Gu continued to say without pausing, “There are a total of ten floors of the Alchemy Tower. As to be expected, you will need to use more mental power as you advance higher in the tower. You must reach at least the fifth floor within half a day to pass this round of competition. Otherwise, you will be disqualified from the next round of competition.”

Chuan Gu’s gaze shifted to Mu Ru Yue when he said that.

‘It will be impossible for Mu Ru Yue to pass this round of competition with her mental power. Hence, she will definitely fail in this round of competition!’

“If you’re ready, let’s depart to the Alchemy Tower. There was an alchemy genius a couple of thousands year ago. Yet, he could only reach the eighth floor. There was another peerless genius ten thousand years ago but that talent only reached the ninth floor. Thede hadn’t been anyone that could reach the tenth floor since the day the Alchemy Tower was established…”

Mu Ru Yue raised her brow slightly.

‘I’ve hadn’t get the chance to do something like this before so I’m naturally curious about the Alchemy Tower. Moreover, I can only battle with mental power.

‘I’ve previously only used my mental power to suppress my enemies, but I needed to slowly release my mental power every time. I’ve never used my mental power to battle before even in my previous life…’

Su Ning had already known about this competition before. She shot a dagger-like gaze at Mu Ru Yue with her sneer intensifying…

‘It will be Mu Ru Yue’s death day within the Alchemy Tower no matter what. I definitely won’t let her off!

‘Moreover, she will only be able to find a place to hide with her capability. Otherwise, any little demon beast’s spirit will be able to take her life…’

“Shu Ning,” An Xi was a little nervous as she gripped tightly onto Shu Ning’s arm. With concern in her clear, large eyes, she asked, “Wil-will1 Yue Er be alright?”

An Xi glanced at Mu Ru Yue while she frowned at this instant.

‘Can it be she don’t know how to use her mental power in battle or that her mental power is too weak?

‘If it is so, Su Ning that has always been seeking trouble with her will certainly not let her off…’

“Don’t fret,” Shu Ning raised her gaze slightly. With a slight elegant smile, she commented, “Have you already forgotten about what had happened in the previous competition? She could survive in that kind of condition. She will similarly not face any crisis at this place. It will only be others that will be in trouble…”

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