EAA Chapter 830


Chapter 830 –Mental Power Competition Part 3

“Lady, my decision represents the Alchemy Sect’s decision.” Chuan Gu raised his head as he looked down at Mu Ru Yue and said, “Importance will always be placed upon Su Ning no matter where she goes, judging by her innate talent and personality! She may even enter the eyes of Elder Qing Yue or the lord head of the sect, directly increasing her status to the highest position of the sect. The head of the sect treats everyone fairly, but Elder Qing Yue has always been really protective. If Su Ning was to enter the eyes of Elder Qing Yue, do you think that Elder Qing Yue will forgive you?”

‘Qing Yue?’

Mu Ru Yue shrugged her shoulders.

‘What I really want to say is that I have already met with Qing Yue and even rejected his invitation to enter the Alchemy Sect…


‘I also don’t think that Su Ning will be able to enter that elder’s eyes.

‘But that elder’s position in the Alchemy Sect is indeed really high. It seems that I don’t need to worry about Qiancheng Yan entering the Alchemy Sect…’

Mu Ru Yue smirked as she said indifferently, “It is best for you to compare our results before saying further.”

Chuan Gu snorted coldly. He swept a glance at Su Ning’s medicinal plant before commenting emotionlessly, “The medicinal plant has already been revived. It was indeed by the method of growing medicine with energy.”

He then glanced at Mu Ru Yue’s medicinal plant.

He was stunned by that sight…

“Wha-what is going on?”

‘My eyes must be playing tricks on me.’

Chuan Gu’s body shuddered in disbelief.

“What happened?” Su Ning was startled as she looked at Chuan Gu’s shuddering body, puzzled. It was obvious that she didn’t know what happened.

“Ten-thousand-year medicinal plant! It is a ten-thousand-year medicinal plant. I had only given all the competitors five-thousand-year medicinal plant. Why has its age increased by a fold?”

‘I’ve never heard that the method of using energy to grow medicine can increase the age of the medicinal plant.

‘Something must have gone wrong…’


Su Ning was similarly stunned as she widened her pretty eyes to look at Mu Ru Yue’s medicinal plant in astonishment. She trembled in disbelief as she muttered, “How can it be? The method of using energy to grow medicine didn’t mention anything about increasing the age of the medicinal plant. This can’t be true. Great master Chuan Gu, can it be that you have accidentally given her a wrong medicinal plant?”

‘Wrong medicinal plant?’

Chuan Gu smiled bitterly as he explained, “Lady Su Ning, we had strictly chosen the medicinal plants so there definitely won’t be any rooms for error…”

In other words, Mu Ru Yue had indeed increased the age of the medicinal plant using the method of using energy to grow medicine…

Su Ning’s mind blanked for a moment. It was as though she had been struck by lightning, making her stun at her spot.

Yet, the rumor had collapsed by itself at this instant. Everyone shifted their gazes at Su Ning.  Following that, voices filled with disdain and revile were heard…

“The Su family is an aristocratic family. Su Ning is even the eldest young mistress of the Su family. I didn’t expect her to be that shameless. This is really an eye-opener.”

“Isn’t it that case? She slandered Mu Ru Yue to be a thief due to her being inferior to Mu Ru Yue. I’ve never seen such a shameless person in my life!”

“It’s no wonder why Mu Ru Yue mentioned that what Su Ning had used an incomplete method of the using energy to grow medicine. It seems that it is really the case now.”

Su Ning’s complexion flushed red as she listened to the crowd’s discussion while she stared furiously at the people that were commenting.

Her gaze was so vicious, as though she wanted to rip their corpses into tiny fragments!

“Shut up! All of you shut the hell up!”

Su Ning shrieked due to being unable to bear with being humiliated to such an extent. Her voice was incredibly shaky as she yelled, “Mu Ru Yue, so what if you won this time? I will let you understand who is the genuine alchemist in the next round. You are incomparable to me!”

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