EAA Chapter 83


Chapter 83- Enchanter Feng Jing Tian Part 5

Suddenly, an indistinct fragrance drifted in from outside. Mu Yi Xue initially didn’t find anything amiss, but she gradually realized that something was wrong…..

“Hot, it’s really hot.”

Mu Yi Xue’s face flushed red as a scorching heat came from the bottom of her heart. She couldn’t help but pull on her clothes to make herself feel better.

At this moment, a male servant pushed open the door. Who knew that once he came in, Mu Yi Xue pounced on him like wolves and tigers. After being pushed to the ground, there wasn’t any time to feel that something was amiss as they did it….


Even though the servant was a man, his cultivation was inferior to Mu Yi Xue’s, so how could he withstand her? Moreover, Mu Yi Xue was currently so seductive. A man wouldn’t be able to resist her initiative anyway, so after coming back to his senses he had already engaged with her.

Perched on a tree outside the door, Feng Jing Tian, his red clothes fluttering, smiled coldly as he watched what was happening. His gaze landed behind Mu Yi Xue’s ears….

It was completely clean and without a mark. It was obvious that the girl he’d met wasn’t her.

“Bitch, you actually dared lie to me!” Feng Jing Tian’s enchanter-like appearance darkened. His fingers clenched tightly onto the tree branch. A sinister ray of light glimmered in Feng Jing Tian’s eyes. “Since you had the guts to lie to me, it’s time to pay the price.”

What he hated the most in life was when people played with him like a monkey. Since Mu Yi Xue lied to this demon, her coming days would definitely be so miserable that nobody would bear to witness it.

After casting a final glance of Mu Yi Xue kissing the male servant, a trace of disgust flashed past Feng Jing Tian’s eyes. With a turn of his body, those red clothes disappeared from the tree. It was as though he had never been there.

After a long period of time, the two in the room were so exhausted that they couldn’t move. Mu Yi Xue instantly came back to her senses. She immediately shrieked, tightly covering her chest with her arms as she looked ferociously at the man before her.

Why….why did I do that?

Her innocence was actually ruined under the hand of a servant! In this case, her life was over. If this were to be known by father, he would definitely make her wed this servant secretly before lying that she had died from illness in order to save the family’s face.

No! I don’t want that!

“Young mistress, what happened?”

Liu Huan’s worried voice came in from outside.

Mu Yi Xue reacted and gritted her teeth while saying, “Nothing’s wrong. It was just a mouse. You don’t have to come in. Just continue doing what you need to do.”

Liu Huan felt that something was strange. The Third young mistress wasn’t as dainty as the Second young mistress. Why was she frightened by a mouse? However, she didn’t dwell more on her thoughts and left without hesitation.

“Young mistress, your servant, Ming Xiang,  will definitely be responsible for you.” Ming Xiang seemed to be reminiscing about the previously wondrous taste as he said this seriously.


Mu Yi Xue raised her hand and viciously slapped Ming Xiang. She said loathing, “Just look at yourself. You look so ordinary and have such a small build. Moreover, you don’t have any status. How can you be responsible for this missy? I want to kill you. As long as you’re dead, there won’t be anyone that will know about this.”

She definitely couldn’t let anyone know that she had lost her innocence. Otherwise, who could she marry, excluding this servant? With her noble status, how could such a low status person have the right to marry her?

Ming Xiang was initially kind enough to want to be responsible for Mu Yi Xue. Who knew that this girl wanted to kill him? He didn’t want to die so he naturally wouldn’t continue to be courteous.

“Young mistress, this servant only wanted to report something to young mistress. Who knew that once young mistress met this servant, she pounced at him as though she were a starving wolf pouncing on its prey and forced this servant to do those kinds of things with her? Everything was initiated by young mistress. What does any of it have to do with this servant then?”

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    Thanks for the chapter and teaser. Seems Yi Xue going to reap what she sow..

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    Miki, thank-you for the translated chapter.

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    Its only the last 2 chapters taling about actual rape, although up to this teaser nothing like it had actually happened.

    If you meant sec orientated scenes, yes.. then those are pretty plenty. Basically every chapter or the other there are sexual hints, thoughts or actual scenes.
    Which is, once again, somewhat disturbing if you consider the girls being all around 14 years old so far..

  8. It’s a novel. Rape or murder, dish it, I’ll take it like a champ. No normal teenager would be contemplating the rape and murder of her older sister, so I’m fine and dandy accepting her fate. Let’s just understand that there’s a line between fantasy and reality and as long as one doesn’t crossover to the other side, bring it on miki.

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