EAA Chapter 828


Chapter 828  –Mental Power Competition Part 1

All of the alchemy disciples had already stood in their assigned position for the competition. Yet, everyone suddenly quietened as they shot their gazes at the entrance at this instant…

Mu Ru Yue slowly walked in under the crowd’s gaze. The crowd felt their breath tightened when they saw her, unable to shift their gazes away from her…

Everyone was present at the night banquet a couple days ago so they naturally knew about her deal with the Alchemy Sect. But the protector of the Alchemy Sect had determined that she didn’t have innate talent for alchemy so she certainly would not be able to be the champion in this competition!

Nevertheless, this girl was overestimating her might in daring to accept Su Ning’s challenge. Wasn’t she only going to embarrass herself?


Chuan Gu looked coldly at Mu Ru Yue as he said indifferently, “Since all of the competitors has gathered, let’s begin the competition. The first round of competition will be testing your understanding of medicinal plants. I will be giving everyone a stalk of medicinal plant that is close to withering. The task that you have to accomplish is to use all your might to revive it, no matter if you find it impossible. I want to see a revived medicinal plant in an hour.”

There should be numerous people that could not revive a withering medicinal plant. Yet, since the time limit was an hour, it shouldn’t be too hard in keeping it alive, but they would certainly need to put in a lot of effort for a period of time…  

Every competitor was given a medicinal plant shortly after Chuan Gu’s explanation.

A ray of light flashed past Chuan Gu’s eyes as he quietly surveyed the crowd’s distressed expressions.


Su Ning snorted coldly. She shifted her eyes to Mu Ru Yue, who was at the side, with a cynical smile.

This seemingly difficult task for others was nothing to her….


Chuan Gu stood up abruptly as his breath tightened while he stared at the medicinal plant in Su Ning’s hand. He was instantly stirred up.

“Using energy to grow medicine? This is the legendary method of using energy to grow medicine!”  

‘If Su Ning enters the Alchemy Sect, I will definitely be able to gain attention from Elder Qing Yue and Wu Yin. I may even be promoted…’

The crowd no longer bothered with the medicine plant in their hands upon hearing that, hastily shifting their gazes to Su Ning. They saw that the originally withering medicinal plant was gradually giving off a dazzling ray of light under the nurturement of her gentle and warm energy.

Su Ning’s smile intensified. Her ancestor had coincidentally stumbled across this method of nurturing medicine plants with energy. She had only mastered the tip of the iceberg. She didn’t expect that she could make use of that skill here…

‘As expected, look at all those people looking at me in reverence. This glory can only be enjoyed by me…’

She couldn’t help but look at Mu Ru Yue as she thought about that. Yet, her smile stiffened when she saw Mu Ru Yue’s action.

“Using energy to grow medicine? You also know how to use energy to grow medicine plant.”

‘That’s right, the book on how to use energy to grow medicine had gone missing recently. Can it be that it has been stolen by this bitch?’

“It’s you. It must be you!”

Su Ning was enraged as the expression of her remarkably beautiful face turned ashen. “Bitch, you are the one that stole my Su family’s book on using energy to grow medicine. You thief!”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Everyone shot an intense gaze of disdain at Mu Ru Yue.

Chuan Gu frowned as he looked coldly at Mu Ru Yue’s impeccable appearance.

‘It seems that the decision that I made a couple days ago was the most proper decision I have made. A thief certainly does not have the qualification to enter the Alchemy Sect. Otherwise, who knows how much disasters she will spark…’   

When Su Ning saw Mu Ru Yue ignoring her, she lost her rationality. She directly leaped toward her and yelled furiously, “Give that item that belongs to my Su family back! You aren’t qualified to obtain the method in using energy to grow medicine!”

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  1. I see Su Ning is disgracing herself and the clan. She is really a country bumpkin to think only Su family can know this method. Perhaps this family is the one who stole the technique.

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