EAA Chapter 826


Chapter 826 – Ye Wu Chen Appeared Part 9

It was the first time Wei Zi Fang met with such a shameless person in his life…

“Brat, do you want to be the same as them in never being chosen by our sect?” Chuan Gu’s expression became gloomy as he looked coldly at Wei Zi Fang’s handsome face.

Wei Zi Fang raised his head fearlessly and with pride and stubbornness expressed on his face, he said, “The reason why I participated in this competition was to enter the eyes of the two powers in order to change the current condition of the Wei family. But if those two powers are filled with people like you are, I no longer feel inclined to join the sect!”

Chuan Gu was instantly enraged as he had never been looked down upon by someone weaker than him. He said, “Good! Good! Really good! Since this is your decision, I shall grant you your wish! The Alchemy Sect similarly won’t need such an undisciplined person like you!”


Jing Ming didn’t say anything, but it could see that he had the same decision as Chuan Gu from his expression…

“A bunch of idiots!”

An Xi could no longer bear with it.

‘Who does this bunch of idiots think they are? They are just weak protectors. Protectors indeed held a higher status than inner disciples in the sect, but they still have a long way to go to be genuine core disciples…

‘Moreover, the old fellow of the Martial Sect had mentioned that if Mu Ru Yue was willing to join the Martial Sect, he would give her a core disciple’s status. Furthermore, Qing Yue of the Alchemy Sect said that he held a position second to the head of the sect. If Mu Ru Yue and Qiancheng Yan were to join the sect, they could do whatever they like in the sect.

‘Thus, these two protectors really don’t surmount to anything in comparison to Mu Ru Yue and Qiancheng Yan…’

“Imprudent!” Chuan Gu instantly raged. He suddenly sneered as he asked, “City Lord, what kind of people did you choose to enter this competition? How could they pass the elimination round? Your sight is really bad!”

The City Lord’s expression changed as he cupped his fists toward Chuan Gu in apology. Following that, he looked at the four people and declared emotionlessly, “All of you are to leave now!”

Fury burst forth from An Xi’s body. If it wasn’t for Shu Ning holding her back, she would already most probably be bashing that City Lord up.

“Master hasn’t participate in the Alchemy competition. How could she leave now?”

Qiancheng Yan became anxious.

‘Mu Ru Yue’s purpose in coming here is to find her partner. Her name should already be wide-spread by now, but the time is too short. She must participate in the Alchemy competition in order to give some times for that man to find Master…’

“Alchemy competition?” Chuan Gu frowned as he shifted his gaze to look at Mu Ru Yue.

‘If Mu Ru Yue is a talented alchemist, won’t I be making a loss for rejecting to choose her over a pill?’

He hastily shut his eyes while thinking about that. He suddenly opened his eyes after a long time. Arrogance had recovered in his eyes.

“She indeed possess an above average mental power. She is certainly an alchemist for possessing such mental power!”


The crowd became stirred up. This girl had already outshone all of the martial practitioner in the competition. Could she outshine all of the competitors in the Alchemy competition again?

“But…” Chuan Gu paused for a moment before he smiled coldly and continued, “For an alchemist, it is too weak. Hence, her alchemy’s standard shouldn’t be really good!”

The crowd heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing what he said.

It would be too scary to them if Mu Ru Yue’s alchemy skill was extremely outstanding as well. It was great that she wasn’t a talented alchemist and could only be an average alchemist…

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  1. [“But…” Chuan Gu paused for a moment before he smiled coldly and continued, “For an alchemist, it is too weak. Hence, her alchemy’s standard shouldn’t be really good!”]

    If her standards are no good then almost all alchemists have nonexistent standards…

    I wonder how fast those two greedy morons will be expelled from their sects when the elders will hear about it.

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